"NYX" Sells Out Twice As Series Wraps Up

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"NYX #6" and the "Marvel Must Haves: NYX #1-3" have both sold out at Diamond, making this exceptional series a hit with fans. Thanks to its unique story and the wildly popular X-23, "NYX" has retained its popularity throughout the tenure of the series.

"With 'NYX,' we tried to add a fresh voice to the X-Men Universe and combine the magic of the New Mutants with today's sensibilities," says editor C.B. Cebulski. "Joe, Josh, and Robert were able to do just that and strike a chord with today's market."

Much of "NYX's" charm is that people are able to identify themselves in the story. The series has enabled many people to make the connection between the world of NYX and the world outside their window.


"'NYX' is unlike any other book in the mainstream marketplace, bringing an edge and honesty while making you care about a group of kids no one thought they could identify with," says Cebulski.

Those who have followed the series will not be disappointed with the series conclusion in "NYX #7" as Kiden, X-23 and the rest of the kids take on Zebra Daddy and his gang in an all-out brawl.

"We were happy to offer the "Marvel Must Haves: NYX #1-3" and "NYX 4-5" for anyone who missed out on the hard to find early issues," adds Marvel's Director of Sales David Gabriel. To entice new readers we even included some Directors Cut extras in the second Must Have. Both proved quite popular with fans of the series. Now, retailers are advised to order accordingly on 'NYX #6,' the series finale. And don't forget that X-23 is moving over into 'New X-Men: Academy X' with issue #20."


The end of this offbeat series is sure to feature ghosts, beastly transformations, and X-23 using her claws to do what she does best…and what she does isn't very nice. Just ask Zebra Daddy.

"NYX #7" JUN052033

Written by JOE QUESADA




FOC – 7/28, On Sale – 8/31/05

Still available:

"Marvel Must Haves NYX 4-5" (With Directors Cut extras) APR051929

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