NYTF: Mattel's DCU and He-Man Lines

With the 2010 New York Toy Fair kicking off with several collector showcases this weekend, action figure fans are ready for the flood of new images and information coming from all their favorite lines. No slouch in this particular department, Mattel came out swinging with several reveals sure to get comic and cartoon fans jazzed for the rest of 2010 as they continue to celebrate the 75th anniversary of DC Comics with all new packaging, as well as pins included with select figures for an added bonus. From the animated stylings of the popular Justice League Unlimited line to the modern Super Powers-inspired DC Universe Classic, fans of the DCU were well served.

Beyond that, Mattel showcased new waves of heroic figures that should strike a chord with toy fans of all stripes including new versions of their now mail-in specific Masters of the Universe line (including in-store crossover packs featuring both MOTU heroes and DC superheroes) and a revival of superhero toys inspired by the classic Mego dolls of the 1970s. Read on for a full rundown of the most powerful figures from the DCU from big names like Superboy and Darkseid to fan favorites like Blue Beetle and...Cyclotron?


The ever-expanding series of 6-inch DC Universe Classics figures had two waves announced - some on display all weekend and some not. Wave 13, which will be available in the spring/summer of 2010, includes classic Blue Devil, Donna Troy in her red star costume, '90s Superboy, Cyclotron from the classic Super Powers toy line, a 50/50 Cheetah variant in her golden age costume and as she looks now, Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle, Negative Man with either bandaged or un-bandaged heads and a Collect-And-Connect Trigon, sporting a white staff, cape, four eyes and horns. That's two devils in one wave! Notice that Cyclotron's has a plate in his chest that comes off just like the original 80s figure from Kenner.

The 14th wave, which will be Walmart exclusive, sports an even more diverse cast of characters with a father and son pair, a Metal Man and the Last Boy On Earth among others. The full line-up is as follows: Alan Scott Green Lantern, Obsidian, Gold, Kamandi, Hourman, Zatanna and another Super Powers character, currently co-starring in R.E.B.E.L.S., Tyr. Collect them all to build JSA villain/ape-in-a-skirt Ultra Humanite to go along with fellow Collect-And-Connect villains like Despero, Gorilla Grodd, Giganta and Darkseid. These figures were only shown off at the collector's event, and photos were hard to come by.

In addition to the traditional waves coming out, Mattel also announced a number of multipacks available from a few different stores. Walmart has two 2-packs scheduled so far, both of which sport repaints of previously released figures: black and grey Batman will be paired with Tim Drake in his classic red, green and yellow Robin togs, while a shiny yellow and green Aquaman comes with a blue-based Black Manta. Also on the schedule for 2010, Walmart will be offering an epic Green Lantern 5-pack featuring a combination of repaints and new figures: a pre-Parallax Hal Jordan with gray temples, John Stewart in his Mosaic costume, Sinestro as a GL, a new Guy Gardner and a brand new Tomar-Re.

The most highly anticipated DC multipacks have less to do with superheroes, though, and more to do with He-Man and his fellow Masters Of The Universe as Mattel and Toys R Us have teamed up to bring the wildly popular online-exclusive Masters Of The Universe Classics-previously available only on mattycollector.com-to stores for the first time. These DC Universe Vs. Masters Of The Universe Classics 2-packs not only combine previously released figures-some with new paint applications and different weapons-but the packaging itself combines elements from both boxes. The 2-packs will pair characters like Superman with He-Man and Lex Luthor with Skeletor and also include comic book reprints of "DC Comics Presents" #47 and DC's "Masters Of The Universe" #1.


While on the subject of He-Man-related toys, Mattel announced and showed off a number of new figures who will be added to the line in the coming year. For those of you who aren't familiar with this line, it's available only on mattycollector.com. They release one figure a month and fans are lucky to get each one as they get snatched up very quickly. There is also a subscription service available for collectors who want every figure. The new reveals include a mix of obscure and well-known characters that will continue to expand the line further into the realms of She-Ra Princess Of Power and The New Adventures Of He-Man.

Up on the list for this year are figures of a pre-Skeletor Keldor, Count Marzo who appeared in the original series, but this figure is based on the 2002 animated redesign, Optikk from the short lived New Adventures Of He-Man, She-Ra and two figures that were never produced in the States: Gygor who was originally planned as another beast for He-Man to ride, though he was never released, and Tytus, a giant from Eternia's past who was only released in Europe.


Back in the realm of DC-based toys, Mattel will continue churning out figures based on the style of the too-short lived JLU animated series. Exclusive to Target and online venues, JLU rolls out singles as well as 3-packs. Superman, Live Wire & Weather Wizard, Nightwing, Penguin & Batgirl, Despero, John Stewart & Katma Tui and John Stewart Green Lantern, Manhunter & Manhunter make up the 3-packs. The single figures are made up of brand new figures, such as a Ryan Choi Atom and Firestorm, along with repaints of classics like Superman and several Batman figures.

Here's the full list: show accurate, black costumed and detective Batmen, Big Barda with Mega Rod, Star Sapphire with power bolt, Firestorm with power blast, Deadshot with gun blast, classic John Stewart Green Lantern with hair, Superman with the Bottle City of Kandor, badass Brainiac, Ryan Choi Atom with a mini-version of him, Plastic Man with him in a weird shape, classic Aquaman with a trident, Green Arrow with a bow and a show-accurate Martian Manhunter with crazy goggles.


The brand new Retro Action series, which will be sold online and in Toys R Us stores, continues the 8-inch, cloth costumed types of toys Mego kicked off back in the '70s, but with updated bodies, some new characters and other characters. The second wave features four figures: Batman, Two Face, Aquaman and Black Mask. Black Mask and Two Face are brand new, while Batman and Aquaman have been updated to more accurately reflect their comic book counterparts. Aquaman's shirt actually has scales now instead of just a solid orange color, while Batman's Bat symbol is recreated at a smaller, more accurate scale and has a removable mask to reveal Bruce Wayne's ravishing good looks underneath.

Keep it locked in to CBR as the week rolls on for more news and previews out of New York Toy Fair 2010!

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