NYTF: Hasbro's Star Wars Lineup

Much like their expansive Marvel Comics assortment, Hasbro's ongoing line of Star Wars action figures hold plenty of interest for comic fans, whether they're inspired by the original trilogy of films or more current projects. At this year's New York Toy Fair, the Star Wars figures were split into two camps for collectors: one based on the current Cartoon Network CGI series "Clone Wars" and another which focuses on classic movie-based characters.

Looking across both waves of figures reveals tons of new Jedi, Sith and other assorted faces from the Star Wars Universe, new tweaks on classic vehicles like the legendary speeder bikes and the first ever rocket-firing Boba Fett - CBR's got the full scoop below!


There will be a total of 31 Clone Wars figures and vehicles this year, some of which have already been released. April will see the release of a Clone Trooper, Firefighter Droid, Magna Guard and Obi-Wan in cold weather gear. Once August hits, watch out, as an avalanche of Star Wars goodness will be raining down. Aurra Sing, a Mando Guard and Pre Vizsla will join the figure ranks while Anakin on a Naboo skiff, Cad Ban with pirate bike, Jedi Plo Koon on a speeder bike, a Mandalorian on a speeder and Obi-Wan riding a speeder bike with a side car.


The real news coming out of this year's Collectors Day involved the newly rejuvenated Vintage line under the Star Wars: Legacy banner. These figures will be based on the classic movies, kicking off with Empire Strikes Back (since 2010 is the 30th anniversary of the film) and sporting vintage style packaging. There will be 37 figures in the Vintage line throughout the year, with most of them being either brand new or retooled existing figures. Boba Fett, C-3PO, Darth Vader, Dengar, Luke, Hoth Leia, Han Solo, the AT-AT Commander, Cloud Car Pilot and Dak in his pilot gear will make up the first batch of figures. Those will be out in August.

As if collectors and Star Wars fans needed more of a reason to get excited about this line, keep an eye out for stickers on select packages with an old school Boba Fett figure and the words "Free Boba Fett." Collect all five and mail them in for an exact replica of the infamous rocket firing 1980 Boba Fett figure that was supposedly banned as a choking hazard and never, ever released.

Further excitement surrounds the multi-figure Battle Packs like Jedi Showdown, The Birth Of Vader and Tatooine Ambush, which will becoming out in March. But the real excitement surrounding Hasbro and Star Wars this year was centered squarely on the gigantic 24x28x12-inch AT-AT featured in Empire that is perfectly in scale with the 3 ¾-inch figures. This long-awaited vehicle can fit six figures in the head area, comes with an AT-AT driver figure, LED lights and sounds, highly poseable legs and even a zip line to recreate Luke ascension and attack. August will also see the release of a Snow Speeder to complete the collection and a Cloud Car from Cloud City.

With so many new and classic figures and vehices in the works, it looks like Hasbro has been paying attention to what the fans - and the kids - really want.

Check back with CBR later this week for more on the coolest stuff coming out of New York toy Fair 2010!

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