NYTF: Hasbro's Marvel Lineup

Knowing how much the collectors help keep the toy industry afloat, Hasbro held their annual New York Toy Fair Collector-Fan Media Day today, unveiling all of their upcoming figures from Marvel-licensed lines like Marvel Universe, Iron Man, Spider-Man and Super Hero Squad, along with other collector-oriented lins like Star Wars, Transformers and G.I. Joe. CBR News was on hand to help nab a look at some of the biggest toys of note for superhero buffs, including a full rundown of Hasbro's Marvel rollout.

Read on below for sneak peeks at everything from the massive figure helping to commemorate one of the publisher's biggest crossover events to the first new figures out of this summer's impending "Iron Man 2" and form Spider-Man's new solo figure lineup to the cutest gun toting Bucky Cap around. And be sure to check back later today for more from Hasbro and all of the 2010 New York Toy Fair.


After switching from the 6-inch Marvel Legends scale to the 3 3/4-inch Marvel Universe line, Hasbro quickly began to dominate that market with really detailed and articulate figures that have taken more than a few pages from the G.I. Joe playbook with great results. The figures will be available in individual packaging as well as 2-packs. The individuals include current Iron Man, Golden Age Captain America with triangular shield, Bucky, Thor in his current costume, Luke Cage, Vision, Colossus, Juggernaut, Havok as he currently appears in the comics, Archangel and Sunfire.

The Secret Wars-based 2-packs will also continue throughout 2010, with each set including a reprinted edition of an issue of the original "Secret Wars" comic series. This wave kicks off with 1984 versions of Iron Man & Spider-Woman (packaged with "Secret Wars" #7), Cyclops & Hulk (packaged with "Secret Wars" #4) and Magneto and the black costume Spider-Man (packaged with that costume's first appearance - "Secret Wars" #8). The Gigantic Battles packs, which combine a regular-sized Marvel Universe figure with a much larger, but still in-scale figure, will add a huge Galactus accompanied by the Silver Surfer, complete with board. This will be the first time a Galactus figure really does come close to the scale of the comics version.


Based on a combination of "Iron Man 2" and the comic books said movie is based on, the now standard 3 3/4-inch figures will feature a number of new armors, deluxe figures, villains, heroes and even a remote controlled version of Iron Man. The basic figures include Power Assault Armor Iron Man, Hypersonic Iron Man, Deep Dive Iron Man, Iron Man Mark I, Mark II, Mark III, Mark IV, Iron Monger, War Machine, Whiplash and Classic Armor Iron Man.

Taking full advantage of the smaller figures, Hasbro will also be releasing deluxe figures and vehicles to go along with them. Check out the Rolling Headquarters, which looks like a car perfect for Tony Stark to roll around in, as well as the Mark VI Red Vortex Racecar which comes with its own Iron Man figure. Meanwhile, the deluxe figures are listed as Negative Zero and Juggernaut, both of which come with gigantic guns and cannons that fire spring-loaded missiles.

There's a lot of other fun stuff for kids, like Nerf weapons, but we wanted to show off two other cool toys that collectors and comics fans might be interested in. There's a Mr. Potato Head with Iron Man armor called Tony Starch and a remote controlled Iron Man who looks ready to clomp around the rest of your collection, wreaking Mechagodzilla-like havoc.


The Spider-Man line has also shrunk down to the 3 3/4-inch scale recently and continues to roll on. The more kid-oriented line will have a ton of Spider-Man renditions with a few villains thrown in. The villains this time around include Dr. Octopus, Rhino and Green Goblin, while Spider-Man comes in Light Up, Glider, Ninja, Shield, Glove Punch, Snowboarding and Web Cannon versions.


For the first time in years, a toy line spawned a cartoon when Super Hero Squad came along. The figures, which stand a few inches tall and have limited articulation, all come with big eyes and smiles which denote cuteness, but then include characters like Ultimate Giant Man and Ghost Rider which invoke, well, evilness. That combination of elements make them some of the more fun figures to collect and check out. They usually come in 2-packs, like the upcoming Iron Man & War Machine, Spider-Man & Moon Knight, Bucky Captain America (with gun!) & his motorcycle, Hulk & Nova, Wolverine & Silver Samurai, Spider-Man & Vulture (with a street lamp), Spider-Woman & Iron Man, Iron Man & M.O.D.O.K., Spiral & Wolverine, Aboniation & classic Thor, Scarlet Witch & Spider-Man and Reptile & Dr. Doom. Hasbro even revealed some single figures, like Iron Man and what looks like a Ben Reilly version of Spider-Man.

The line, which spawned Cartoon Network's "The Super Hero Squad Show," has gone on to include everything from playsets to vehicles. The new playsets will allow fans to bring home beloved Marvel locations like the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, the Danger Room and Doom's Castle, along with Super Hero City, which is based on the cartoon. The vehicles, while thankfully not as comic-accurate, still look like a lot of fun. You can choose from an Avengers Quinjet and a S.H.I.E.L.D. hover car, Wolverine with his own car and Spider-Man with, of course, an amphibious vehicle.

Check back with CBR later for more early looks at images from the New York Toy Fair 2010!

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