NYTF 2012: Mattel Rises with DC, "Dark Knight" and More

The biggest event for action figure collectors on the first full day of New York Toy Fair 2012 happened to be Mattel's Collector's Night. Toy guru Scott Neitlich gave a presentation and did a quick question and answer session surrounded by journalists -- and more importantly brand new figures from their "Dark Knight Rises" and DC Comics lines as well as the Mattycollector.com-exclusive Ghostbusters and Masters of the Universe Classics figures.

The company revealed the first figures from their "The Dark Knight Rises" Movie Masters line. There will be six figures in total, though Mattel only revealed three: Batman, Catwoman and Bane as well as the Collect-and-Connect Bat Signal. Each figure comes with a piece of the signal, so collectors need to pick up all six to call on Batman. The figures hit stores in June, a month ahead of the film's release. In other Bat-news, the Batman Legacy series will continue with a Batman and Catwoman 2-pack in the spring.

Mattel also showed off figures from the Mattycollector.com-exclusive DC Universe Club Infinite Earths, a subscription service for hardcore fans that allows them access to one figure a month in addition to club-exclusive figures. Savvy collectors can also purchase them from the website if they're quick enough, which is also how Mattel's Ghostbusters and Masters of the Universe Classics lines work. CBR News previously spoke with Mattel about Atrocitus, Jay Garrick Flash, Mirror Master and the Club-exclusive Metron with Mobius Chair in addition to new figures Poison Ivy, Red Rocket, Platinum and Tin of the Metal Men, Black Mask and the previously seen Starman. Flash and Metron will be available on April 16th, Atrocitus on May 15th, Starman June 15th and Mirror Master July 16th, while Poison Ivy, Black Mask and the Metal Men have yet to be announced. At Toy Fair, the rest of the world finally caught up with the in-store DC Universe figures for Superman, Flash and Supergirl that CBR exclusively premiered last month.

Fans of Cartoon Network's "Young Justice" animated series will be happy to hear their action figure line will continue on. The deluxe line of 6-inch figures featuring a figure and a diorama will continue on with Batman, Kid Flash, Sportsmaster and a very Grant Morrison "Manhattan Guardian"-looking Guardian (though the figure is white). The 4 1/4-inch 2-packs will also continue with Ra's Al Ghul and Cheshire, Flash with Kid Flash and Green Lantern and Artemis, all due in spring.

For fans of smaller toys -- or the kids they're actually intended for -- check out Mattel's 2-inch tall Action League figures. These figures come in 2-packs with a pair of waves on display. The fifth is "Flashpoint"-based and includes Aquaman and Wonder Woman, Project Superman and Batman, Cyborg and Element Woman and Flash and Citizen Cold. Wave Six sports vehicle-type pairs with Green Lantern and a giant cannon construct, Larfleeze and a cobra construct, The Atom with a Plastic Man glider and Batman with a HydroBat Sled.

If sci-fi's more your speed, Mattel showed off a few more pieces from their Mattycollector-exclusive Ghostbusters line, most impressively the brand new possessed-by-Zuul Dana featuring both standing and reclining bodies, but no word yet on when it will be available. Meanwhile, "The Rookie" from 2009's "Ghostbusters: The Video Game" gets the action figure treatment in April.

From the world of Eternia, plenty of new figures will come in the Masters of the Universe Classics line to celebrate He-Man's 30th anniversary this year as well as a trio of figure Drago-Man (April), The Might Spector (June) and Sir Lazer Lot (August). In addition to a three-issue mini-comic packed in the Club Eternia member exclusive figures, Mattycollector will also have plenty of 2-packs, variants, beasts and more to offer in 2012. The Snake Men 2-pack and Griffin beast/vehicle go on sale June 15th. More figures were on display from left to right in the image: Stinkor (May 15th), Thunder Punch He-Man (April 16th), Slush Head (May 15th), Snake Man-At-Arms (June 15th), Temple of Darkness Sorceress (NYCC and Power Con-exclusive, available later on Mattycollector.com), Spikor (July 16th), Frosta (September 15th) and Horde Prime (June 15th).

Last but not least, Mattel revealed a Hover Board replica from "Back to the Future 2," though the image revealed did feature a sign asking photographers not to take photos.

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