NYTF 2012: Hasbro Showcases "The Avengers," "Amazing Spider-Man" & More

The first event of this year's New York Toy Fair kicked off a day early with Hasbro's Fan Media Day on Saturday. A mountain of figures were revealed, specifically brand new toys based both on the upcoming films "The Avengers" and "The Amazing Spider-Man" as well as new figures in the 6-inch Marvel Legends line and the 3 3/4-inch Marvel Universe.

"The Avengers" will be one of Hasbro's main focuses moving forward with three waves of the 3 3/4-inch figures in the works. The first wave features movie Captain America, Ultimate Captain America, movie Thor and Ultimate Thor while the second contains Gamma Smash Hulk, Shield Launch Captain America, Doomsaw Iron Man, Reactron Armor Iron Man, Cosmic Spear Loki and Shock Strike Thor. The third wave includes a movie-based version of Black Widow and Ultimate Hawkeye, plus other that have yet to be revealed. A line of "Avengers" Power Up Missions figures that come with a figure as well as an additional larger accessory will also be available beginning with Iron Man and Captain America.

Hasbro is also giving figures the means to ride around in style thanks to a whole group of vehicles inspired by the film. Fans will be able to choose from a Quinjet featuring an exclusive Iron Man figure or the three-foot long S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier with enough space enough for 30 toys to hang out. Stark Tek Battle Vehicles will also be around in this scale, feature launching projectiles and an exclusive figure. The Attack Jet comes paired with Iron Man while the Ground Assault Vehicle features Captain America.

Fans of larger figures will be glad to the 8-inch line of "Avengers" toys, dubbed Hero. The Hero figures come with five points of articulation and include Captain America, Hulk, Thor and Iron Man in the first wave. Meanwhile, the "Ultimate Avenger" series boasts 10-inch figures with lights and sounds. Hammer Strike Thor, Ultra Strike Captain America, Repulsor Strike Iron Man and Gamma Strike Hulk will make up the first wave. Finally, Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk and Thor join the 6-inch Mighty Battlers that can fight each other Rock 'Em, Sock 'Em Robot-style.

Of course, that's not all Hasbro has in store for "Avengers" fans. The urban, vinyl-style Mighty Muggs return in a smaller mini form in both singles and 2-packs. The individual figures include Captain America, Hawkeye, Hulk, Iron Man, Nick Fury and Thor. The 2-packs include Captain America and Red Skull, Thor and Loki, Abomination and Hulk and Silver Centurion Iron Man and Iron Monger. There will also be a pair of Super Hero Squad 3-packs featuring Hawkeye, Hulk and Loki as well as Black Widow, Captain America and Thor.

The "Amazing Spider-Man" figures will take a very similar approach to "The Avengers." The 3 3/4-inch line continues with the Mission Spidey figures including Night Missions, Web Shooter, Spider Sense and Web Slinging versions of the wall-crawler. Vehicles for the 3 3/4-inch figures include the Mega Battle Racer -- which splits into four different parts for better villain bashing -- and the Spidey-launching Spider-Strike Battle Vehicle.

Other figures include an 8-inch Hero action figure that sports five points of articulation and the 10-inch talking electronic figure programmed with dialog from the movie and light-up web-shooters and chest insignia. Also, like the "Avengers" line, Spider-Man gets in on the figure fighting thanks to the Web Battlers line, which utilizes different Spinning Web Blade, Web Smash and Web Splash versions of the web slinger. The biggest figure in the bunch will be the 13-inch Mega Web Shooting Spider-Man, which actually shoots out webs and retracts them to simulate web slinging.

Less traditional versions of Spider-Man include the 2-inch tall unarticluated movie figure and the line of transforming "Flip and Attack" toys that change from a Transformer-like version of Spider-Man into a vehicle. The "Flip and Attack" line contains the Destructor Rig, Attack Jet and Racer versions. However, the most unusual "Spider-Man" toy is the RC Speed Climbing Spider-Man -- it actually sticks to walls using vacuums and allows you to control him via remote control.

Hasbro will also continue its non-movie, comic-based lines of figures Marvel Legends -- which returns after a long hiatus -- and Marvel Universe. Legends will sport two waves, both of which will feature a piece for a new Build-a-Figure. The Terrax wave (named after the wave's Build-a-Figure) includes Constrictor, Extremis Iron Man, Ghost Rider, Heroic Age Thor, Klaw, Steve Rogers and Hope Summers. The next wave revolves around large-headed villain Arnim Zola and features Big Time Spider-Man, Dark Wolverine, Drax, Fantomex, Heroic Age Captain America, Thunderball and Madame Masque.

The 3 3/4-inch Marvel Universe line continues with individual figures, multi-packs and larger scale Masterworks toys. The first wave of solo MU figures includes Spider-Man, Beta Ray Bill, New Incredible Hulk, Beast and Kraven. The second includes Kang, Punisher, classic Scarlet Witch, "Shattered Dimension" Spider-Man and She-Hulk. Angel, Hercules, Nighthawk, Nova and Puck make up the third wave. The Team Pack Assortment begins with "New Avengers" versions of Thor, Iron Man and Hulk while the Comic 2-packs focus on "Incredible Hulk" #181 --featuring first appearance Wolverine and classic green Hulk -- as well as "Iron Man" #225 with Silver Centurion Iron Man taking on Mandarin. Finally, the Masterworks line returns with the re-release of the 17-inch tall Sentinel. The purple and silver behemoth comes packed with plenty of electronic features as well as a Wolverine figure to jumpstart a collection.

Look for "Avengers" toys in March, Marvel Universe and Legends figures this Spring and Spider-Man toys in the Spring and Fall.

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