NYTF 2012: Diamond Select Toys Raise "The Walking Dead," "Amazing Spider-Man" & More

Diamond Select Toys had plenty of action figures to show off at this year's Toy Fair, but also its triumphant return to the world of statues, a section of the market it have neglected for the past few years. The two main aspects of its booth this year revolved around two very big comic book properties: "The Walking Dead" and Marvel Comics, including a series of figures and statues based on this summer's massive movie reboot, "The Amazing Spider-Man."

For "The Amazing Spider-Man" -- which premieres in theaters July 3 -- Diamond Select Toys has a full roll-out of figures and collectibles in the form of MiniMates, the 6-inch Marvel Select figures and a new line of resin statues. The statues seen in the photos, which are larger than the actual pieces will be, include the Lizard, Spider-Man, unmasked-and-scratched Spider-Man and Peter in an early version of his costume. Those statues go on sale June 15th as will a full-body Spidey ready to shoot webs. Meanwhile, the Spider-Man and Lizard Marvel Select figures drop a few weeks later. This is one of the best first looks at the Lizard from the film fans have gotten.

In other news, the "Amazing Spider-Man" figures are set to make up the 46th wave of Marvel MiniMates and will launch on May 23. As with most MiniMates waves, these will be released in 2-packs with some figures set to be exclusive to Toys R Us and others to specialty stores. Which will go where hasn't been worked out yet, but the figures include Unmasked Spider-Man, Peter Parker, early costume Spider-Man, Doctor Connors, George Stacy, Gwen Stacy, Spider-Man, Lizard Uncle Ben, Aunt May and a police officer.

Diamond also had Marvel MiniMates Wave 45 on display, featuring figures based on "The Avengers," which our sister site SPINOFF ONLINE covered last week. The 47th wave of Marvel MiniMates was also displayed, taking inspiration from the Marc Silvestri era of "Uncanny X-Men" and including a Brood-infected Wolverine, a Brood, Wolverine in his brown costume, shirtless "Fastball Special" Colossus, regular Colossus, Rogue in her black and green costume, Longshot, Dazzler with two looks, Havok, Storm in her black costume, Crimson Dynamo and Vindicator. Diamond also displayed the 44th wave of Marvel MiniMates, which were actually announced previously. This wave features comic book versions of the Avengers to be released in the Spring exclusivly in specialty stores and online retailers. The 2-packs consist of Heroes Return Iron Man and Captain America, Pantheon Hulk and Heroes Return Thor, Ant Man/Giant Man and a Kree Sentry and Scott Lang Ant Man and a Kree Sentry.

As if all of those weren't enough, Diamond Select also announced plans to release a series of 4-packs. First, a "Venom Through The Ages" pack is set to include the Bride of Venom, classic Venom, transforming Venom, the current Flash Thompson Venom and a bunch of extra symbiote appendages and weapons. "Fear Itself" also gets in on the action with both Worthy and Mighty sets. The Worthy set includes tricked out versions of Spider-Man, Odin, Hawkeye and Iron Man while the Mighty includes a possessed Thing, the Serpent, Sin and Grey Gargoyle. Each pack includes the appropriate signature weapons from last year's comic event. Lastly, the Miles Morales, Captain America, Rhino and Iron Man 'Mates bowed, as did concept artwork of a "Hulk Through The Ages" set that will include Skaar, Mr. Fixit, Composite Hulk and Maestro. Speaking of Hulk, the show also gave us the first really good look at the Marvel Select "Avengers" Hulk.

On par with all of the Marvel figure releases, excitement has been equally high for the "Walking Dead" MiniMates that were exclusively announced on CBR last week. All the pieces shown off at Toy Fair are still pending licensor approval, but they did show the basic colorized take on Robert Kirkman's characters from the comics. The first wave will be released in August followed by the second in November. Each character from the comic will come with a different zombie. Collectors will be able to pick up Rick, Lori, Glenn, Shane, Andrea, Dale, Tyreese and a small legion of the undead.

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