NYCC, Xtra: "Will Eisner's The Spirit" Panel

width="127" height="190" alt="" border="0" align=" "> width="127" height="190" alt="" border="0" align=" ">Art from the new DC Comics "The Spirit" series by Darwyn Cooke

Uslan ran into Miller at a memorial for Eisner, where they talked about the Spirit, spurring Miller to start talking about the kinds of scenes and themes that would need to go into a movie to get it right.

Miller didn't think he could do it, but ultimately he knew that he couldn't let anyone else do it. Miller has had a recent run of good fortune with making movies, and this would be a chance to do write and direct solo for the first time.

Eisner himself had no real interest in bringing his work to the screen, believing that comic books were an art form unto themselves and taking umbrage at movies' supposed artistic and cultural superiority.

Eisner would end up being far more involved, posthumously, than simply creating the characters and world the movie is based on. Miller's technique for storyboarding the movie has been to photocopy various pages of the Spirit and then cut them up, cobbling together certain scenes and panels to create a new story.

The movie will replicate Eisner's unique style, reflecting the world created within the books using a combination of various CGI technologies in much the same ways as "Sin City" and the upcoming "300" were created.

The story will feature a number of classic villains and femme fatales in ways that will, according to Uslan, "delight and surprise you". The movie will be neither an origin story nor a period piece.

Eisner always tried to draw the Spirit as within anytime that he drew him in the time in which he was drawing him. The Spirit was never about nostalgia, and Eisner kept the stories relevant to the time at hand.

One particularly ugly part of the Spirit history, the character Ebony, a grotesque caricature of African American stereotypes, will not be appearing in the movie. This a decision from Miller himself, and one based less on the controversy of the character than the fact that he simply doesn't fit well into the kind of story Miller will be telling with this movie.

The filming of "Sin City Two" shouldn't affect the shooting of "The Spirit" movie too much, and Robert Rodriguez, Miller's co director on Sin City, will not be involved with the Spirit movie, It also looked like that at the current time, The Spirit would probably be the first one start filming.

During the question and answer, one fan asked whether or not there was any chance of Miller eventually doing a movie version of the legendary "Dark Knight Returns" story.

"The sky's the limit in terms of Frank's talent," said Uslan.

Uslan wrapped with a plug for the display of comic book art out in the Montclair Museum in Montclair New Jersey, which is display a large array of rare original comic book art.

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