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NYCC Xtra: Bonus Photo Parade 2 (of 2)

by  in Comic News Comment
NYCC Xtra: Bonus Photo Parade 2 (of 2)

As we bring our final bits of New York Comic-Con coverage to a close, we present to you the final Photo Parade. These photos were taken by CBR Staff Photographer Pinguino Kolb Saturday at the convention. Pinguino has a serious skill for being in the right place at the right time, snapping photos of pretty much everyone in attendance. If you’ve not checked them out already, don’t miss her first set of photos from Friday. Once again, all photos by Pinguino with snarky commentary by Jonah Weiland.

And we begin with some familiar characters. All kindsa Spidey-Universe action here.
“It is so #^@%!&$ hot under this thing!” A look down one of the Artists Alley aisles.
Arthur Suydam “Look at me. I am so pretty! Look at me!
From the DC Panel — “Me! Me! Me! Choose me! Oh, come on!” Greg Rucka at the DC Panel
Frank Tieri at the DC Panel
Paul Dini at the DC Panel Another look at the DC Panel
Marvel’s Dan Buckley and John Dokes enjoy themselves at the Stephen King panel. Peter David
Richard Isanove Ralph Macchio says “Hi1!”
David and Macchio on the “Dark Tower” panel Richard Isanove takes a bow.
Stephen King himself Storm Trooper body guards for the Stephen King panel. “So, what are you doing after this panel?” “I was thinking of looking up that chick dressed as Elektra. You?” “Same.”
The “Dark Tower” Panel Stephen King, Joe Quesada and Peter David
Jae Lee and Robin Furth watch as Stephen King puts a hex on panel attendees. King and Quesada
Jae Lee, as if the placard didn’t already tell you. Writer Timothy Zahn
Manga-Blond-Spikey-Haired Dude Trouble.
Nice seeing you again. By the way, some Storm Troopers are looking for you. C.B. Cebulski
Chris Eliopoulos John Dokes
“Dark Tower’s” Robin Furth (R-L) Chris Eliopoulos, Richard Isanove, Jae Lee, Robin Furth and Peter David sign at the Marvel booth.
(R-L) Jae Lee and Robin Furth Ron Garney
Steve Ahlquist (SLG’s “Punch and Judy”) Some dude and C.C. Banana.
Brian K. Vaughan Joshua Ortega
Andy Kubert Keith Giffen
“Public Enemy’s” Chuck D Gabrielle Del Otto
Simone Bianchi and Gabrielle Del Otto share a moment. Simone Bianchi and Gabrielle Del Otto, now apparently disgusted by their moment.
My money’s on Supergirl. Sure, Wonder Woman is talled, but Supergirl could still take her. Don’t know. Don’t care.
“Blue Beetle! Behind you!” “Who wants a huuuug? Cmon, anybody!”
Beetle: “Cmon, who wants a huuuug?” GL: “I’m so awesome.” Flash: “I’m so much more awesomer.” Batman: “I should just kill ’em all and be done with them.” Jawa vs. Tusken Raider. My money’s on the Jawa. Once again, smaller, but nastier.
Jim Shooter Brian Bolland and Ethan Van Sciver have a chat.
Tony Harris, Dr. Painfree and Mark Brooks (picture beneath the crop — click to see full pic) Jimmy Palmiotti
Frank Tieri & Jimmy Palmiotti Billy Tucci
Talent Caldwell No idea, but kinda cool.
I like magic. A lot! (L-R) Lame, lame, lame, lame, lame, WOAH MAMA, lame, CREEPY!
Seriously, dude, some sun is needed. Right back at ya.
Cmon, fix your hair. Spidey’s got Hellboy on his back.
Tusken Raider with baby Raider (seen in the blow up) More manga stuffs.
No idea and no idea. Frank Cho
Jon Rosenberg (“Goats”) picks lice (not really) from the head of Steven Cloud (“Boy on A Stick and Slither”) Marvel’s Axel Alonso
Karaoke is evil. Jhonen Vasquez
Yanick Paquette Olivier Coipel
“Heroes” Hayden Panettiere Hayden poses for a picture with a fan.
More with a fan. Hayden looking a little shocked.
Harley! They make such a cuuuuute couple!

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