NYCC Xtra: Bonus Photo Parade 1 (of 2)

While the New York Comic-Con may be over as of Sunday, there's still a bit of a back log of work to post. For those of you who've been long time visitors to CBR, you know that we love ourselves some photo parades during comic conventions. It's just one of the many ways we bring the convention directly to our readers. This year, in addition to CBR head honcho Jonah Weiland snapping photos on Friday and Saturday, CBR Staff Photographer Pinguino Kolb was also in attendance and seemingly took photos of, well, everyone and everything! Below you'll find the first of two more photo parades from the convention. All the photos below were taken by Pinguino and the snarky comments come from Jonah Weiland - so, if you like the photo, but hate the commentary, direct your praise to Pinguino and hatred toward's Jonah. He can handle it, he's a big boy.

Now, onto the Day 1 Pinguno Photo Parade. We'll have more photos Wednesday afternoon, including pics from the Stephen King panel and much more.

Steve McNivenMike Huddleston & Jim Mahfood
Peter DavidStar Wars crap.
More Star Wars crap.Another look at that crazy Model A.
My two favorite ladies, while Blue Beetle hovers. BB's just a media whore."The Darkness" scary thing says "Hola!"
Frank Tieri & Joe Quesada in a BFF embraceDan Buckley
World War Hulk panelA look at the "Civil War: The Initiative" panel.
Team "Civil War: The Initiative" - Mike Oeming, Dan Slott, Bill Rosemann and Steve McNiven Charlie Huston
DC's Jann Jones and Dan DidioGail Simone
OK, Storm Troopers doing Karaoke is funny.I dreamt I was being chased by the giant inflatable Pikachu one night at the con. That's a really crappy way to wake up.
Team "World War Hulk" - (top) Mark Paniccia, Dan Slott & Bill Rosemann. (bottom) Greg Pak, Frank Tieri & Christos GageGreg Pak
I wonder what this will be a picture of.Oh, and what might this be a picture of?
OK, these USB drives are way too cool for school. Gotta gets me one o' dem.
I don't know exactly what these are, but they're cool.And how can you not like Penguins that smoke? This world needs more smoking, kick-ass Penguins. Ohh, that's a good idea for a comic series!
Andrew Bell ("Creatures In My Head")Steven L Cloud ("Boy on a Stick" and "Slither")
Holly (friend) and Jeffrey Rowland ("Wigu")Just plain fun.
David FinchYes, kids, even Blue Beetle has to do his own laundry.
Yeah, we know we've featured this Power Girl before in the previous two photo parades, and even up above, but can you really blame us for including her again? And again?
Jamal IgleBuzz Got Buzzed!
David Mack & Mike Oeming ham it up big time.Todd Nauck
Sean ChenTommy Lee Edwards
Greg HornSean Chang
Amanda ConnerClayton Henry
Simone BianchiFreddie Williams III

grey hulk immortal joe fixit
Mr. Fixit: The Most Dangerous Hulk Isn't Savage or a Devil - It's JOE

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