NYCC: Marvel Legacy's X-Men Panel Talks Phoenix, Prof. X & More

Get all the details here from New York Comic Con's Marvel Legacy: X-Men panel, where a batch of the creative minds behind Marvel's Mighty Mutants talked everything that's in store for the fan-favorite franchise under the new publishing banner. Attending the panel were editor-in-chief (and moderator) Axel Alonso with writer Matthew Rosenberg, writer-artist Ed Piskor, editor Marc Basso, editor Chris Robinson, editor Darren Shan, writer Ed Brisson, writer Ethan Sacks and writer Charles Soule, for an X-citing discussion about everything X-Men!

First, the team discussed the new Marvel Legacy Cable arc from Brisson, which kicks off in issue #150. The installment will see the fan-favorite gunslinger form a new team of New Mutants consisting of Blink, Longshot, Shatterstar, Doop, Armor, and X-23.

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Brisson went on to tease his new Old Man Logan story that will re-team the (Old) Canucklehead with Hawkeye in a showdown against Maestro. Next, the elder Wolverine will cross paths with the "Scarlet Samurai," a mysterious new character important to Logan's past. He'll also face off against the Silver Samurai.

Next, Sacks, the writer of Old Man Hawkeye, discussed the upcoming revival of the blind, post-apocalyptic character, in a story that Alonso compared to the Better Call Saul of comic book stories.

Soule went on to discuss his Astonishing X-Men arc that takes place -- for a large part -- in the Astral Plane, centered on Charles Xavier's life post-death. Though he couldn't confirm who would appear in the arc, he did say Excalibur will not...

Next up, the big talk of the panel: Phoenix Resurrection. Drawing a roar of cheers and applause from the audience, a number of the series' covers and its variants were show, boasting several characters gone all Phoenix. "You will cry," teased Alonso.

Shan then discussed the important Jean Grey #8, which will kick off an arc that has the time-displaced mutant enter the mind of Emma Frost to find the key to the Phoenix Force. In doing so, she'll live much of the events of Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely's New X-Men saga.

Next up, Peter Milligan's Legion was teased. The first story arc will see the schizophrenic mutant deal with one of his personalities consuming his other personalities, leading him to bring a psychiatrist literally into his mind to figure it all out. The series will be a mini.

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Moving on to Kelly Thompson and Pere Perez's Rogue & Gambit miniseries, Alonso suggested it has the potential to become an ongoing series, depending on its success. Shan remarked how obsessive Thompson is in her Gambit and Rogue fandom, to the extent that she's read every single one of their appearances in order, summarizing each issue for the editor.

Next, the conversation moved to X-Men: Grand Design. Piskor noted that he spent several hours with Chris Claremont -- a chief architect of X-Men comics for 17 years -- which felt like "someone who has been dating a girl for a long time, and I finally got to meet her dad." Two copies of X-Men: Grand Design #1 were then handed out to audience members.

Of the fan questions, the most interesting came from a big Storm fan in the audience who asked if the character will get her own ongoing. Alex Alonso said discussions were in motion, and after being pressed again, said it'll be a thing.

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