NYCC: "Wanted: Weapons of Fate"

Top Cow and Universal held a panel on Sunday afternoon at New York Comic Con to discuss the upcoming game "Wanted: Weapons of Fate." Matt Hawkins represented Top Cow, while Jeremy Hibnick and Nick Torchia attended from Universal.

As the panel opened, a slideshow was presented that featured some screens from the game, as well as art by J.G. Jones. Jeremy Hibnick discussed the core mechanic of the game, the ability to curve bullets. He talked about how "Wanted" is the only game to have implemented the bullet curving mechanic, and that it makes the game play differently than other action shooters.

In terms of story, Hibnick talked about the game as "Wanted 1.5." The game picks up five hours after the movie ends, after Wesley has taken out Sloan. It doesn't take long for trouble to find him, and apparently there is another branch of The Fraternity that has found him. Hibnick said this game will also explore the relationship between Wesley and his mother, as the movie focused more on his father, Cross. Players will get plenty of Cross, however, as he will be a playable character in the game. Certain missions will be played through as Cross and will take place in the past. Players will get more of the story by playing through past and present sequences. There is also a new female assassin character introduced in this game.

When asked about the process for choosing a developer, Hibnick talked about how the original idea for the game was first put down on paper, and then about ten different development teams were solicited. He said that developer GRIN had done a cover-based game for PC ("Ghost Recon"), and cover was something they wanted to incorporate into the "Wanted" game. GRIN also built an airplane level for the game that impressed the team. Once they were signed on they went to the set of the film in Prague.

The art style in the game is inspired by both the comic and the movie. The "killer" suit is something that both Wesley and Cross will wear in the game, Cross' suit having blue eyes, and Wesley's having red. Hibnick also talked about the involvement of J.G Jones. They sent him a build of the game to play with, and he enjoyed it and wanted to do some artwork for the game. A screenshot of the cover art was shown, which features Wesley in the iconic "Killer" suit.

At that point, a trailer and a gameplay demo was shown. The trailer started with Wesley diving through a window in a flaming building, taking cover. He quickly moved from one piece of cover to another, taking out armed enemies along the way. The trailer cut to different scenes and locations, highlighting the bullet-curving and cover mechanics, as well as showcasing some close quarter knife kills. The action was fluid, especially when Wesley wamoving through cover. The trailer ended with a scene on an airplane, where a shootout was taking place in a depressurized cabin.

As the demo started, Hibnick reiterated some of the core gameplay features, namely the cover system and bullet curving. He described the cover system as being different than a "Gears of War," stating "We are going to take cover mechanic and make it fluid. We give players an opportunity to get behind cover and move, move, move, progressively getting faster with each movement." The gameplay showed Wesley slipping from one piece of cover to another, almost gliding at one point. From there, he snuck up on a guard and grabbed him to use as a personal shield, stepping out and taking down another guard before disposing of the one in his grasp. The demo then focused on some of the bullet-curving elements, with Wesley curving bullets over and around cover, eliciting slow-motion headshots that drew applause from the crowd.

The demo moved to an airplane level, where Cross was making his way from the luggage hold up each level of the plane. Again the gameplay showed him curving bullets around crates, sliding over cover, and using a mixture of gun and knife attacks to quickly dispose of enemies. Once in the cabin, he shot out a door, causing everything to depressurize. He then used the drink cart for mobile cover as he made his way toward the next level. The demo ended with Cross again shooting out the door and watching an enemy's body slide out into the sky.

The demo also showed an interactive rails sequence, where Wesley is moving through an environment and there is a moving target on enemies as the action moves in slow motion. Wesley bounces between cover and players target enemies as fast as they can.

Before they opened the panel up for questions, Hibnick revealed that the PC version of the game will have a different ending, and that it's "one of the most vulgar endings of any game."

The panel then took some questions from the audience:

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