NYCC: VIDEO - New "Iron Man" Game Trailer

Showing all weekend long in the Marvel booth at New York Comic Con, Sega of America has unveiled an all-new trailer for the upcoming multi-platform video game, "Iron Man," created just for NYCC. This action-packed video shows off some of the high-energy moves and powerful weaponry that the Iron Man suit has to offer

From Sega:

Iron Man, one of the world’s most powerful Super Hero’s, is the alter-ego of Tony Stark. A brilliant scientist (voiced in the game by Robert Downey Jr.), Stark is on a mission to save the world from the weapons he helped create. Players can take control of this unequaled suit and conquer massive and stunning environments using a series of high-impact weapons and slick moves both on the ground and in the air. Featuring a series of unlockable suits from the rich Iron Man comic history, this intense video game will appeal to comic book, video game, and Super Hero fans alike!

Iron Man will be in stores on May 2, 2008 for all platforms, in time for the release of epic action movie of the same name.

Simply click the image below to launch the Flash player.

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