NYCC | 'True Blood's' Kristin Bauer & Lauren Bowles Prepare for the End

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True Blood's Kristin Bauer as Pam Swynford De Beaufort[/caption]

Calling all fangbangers! True Blood regulars Kristin Bauer (Pam Swynford De Beaufort) and Lauren Bowles, Merlotte's resident waitress and witch Holly Cleary, slayed a packed audience at New York Comic Con. The duo arrived on the dais with minimal fanfare, yet still received massive applause.

Although their two characters have had little onscreen interaction, Bauer and Bowles played off of each other like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, displaying strong chemistry and a witty repartee. "I've always been a fan of vampire everything," explained Bauer in response to how she prepared for her role. "As an actor, I don't tend to get better the more I think about it. I tend to go with my first instinct, so I just went with my fantasy of how to play her."

"Everyone wants to play Pam," added Bowles said of her vampiric costar's role. "Male or female, she's got the best lines and the best costumes. " Not to mention the amazing Wal-Mart jumpsuit she wore in past seasons, as pointed out by one of the many fans in attendance.

Describing her first days on set, Bowles said she felt as if they might also be her last. "I was a ginormous fan of the show prior to getting on. I completely felt like Dorothy in 'Oz,'" Bowles recalled. "I was like, 'Security's going to be here in five minutes to take me away.' They're going to be like, 'A fan's infiltrated! Get her off the set!'"

Bauer, on the other hand, has been a regular on the show since Season 1. But that doesn't mean she didn't have her own butterflies when it came to landing the gig. "I was a huge fan of HBO shows," Bauer said. "All I knew from my manager was that it was HBO and Alan Ball and playing a vampire and I was like, 'Stop talking. I'm going.' Once I booked it and started shooting it, I was told it was based on a book, so I ran out and got the first book. I had my mom and my husband reading them, which is really cute. My mom is 80, she's widowed and she said, 'They're great! They're my whole sex life.'"

"[Holly] was sort of like everyone's emotional column this year," Bowles said of the just-finished season. "I truly hope to get back to her Wiccan ways... I certainly had to do a little reading up about Wiccanism because I knew nothing about it. A girl I used to babysit in high school claimed to be a Wiccan and I was like, 'That's cool.' Worshipping the goddess feminine divine and all."

The recently concluded Season 6 provided some of Bauer's favorite supernatural moments for both her character and the series. "This year, I had fun doing the wirework for Alex [Skarsgard]'s and my fight," Bauer said. "We were on wires for two days, like 32 hours. We would be ready to fight and then they'd go 'Cut' and then we'd just be hanging there, like, 'So, what'd you do this weekend?' At one point, the guys on the ground weren't paying attention and we kept getting closer and closer and we were like bumping into each other."

Asked what her favorite moment from the previous season was, Bowles confessed it was "definitely, birthing those babies," getting a laugh from the crowd. "That was great fun. That was like a full day of staring into a vagina. Working with Kris that day, she had on these crazy light panties. It was wild how they shot that."

"Do you ever grill the writers?" Bowles asked her True Blood co-star.

"I don't," Bauer answered. "I did, but they fuck with me. They go, 'You're dying...'"

With the chief question on everyone's mind being how the series will wrap up in its upcoming final season, the two actresses made their best guesses as to what Season 7 has in store for their characters.

"I think the whole notion of pairing up a human with a vampire for protection, [the writers'] goal for the final season is to really bring it back to that small town soap [opera]," Bowles teased of the final season's direction. She even jokingly hinted at a connection between Holly and Pam.

"Maybe they'll pair us up and you'll be my protector," Bowles mused. "She's gonna need to eat!"

"She eats whatever she wants, whenever she wants," Bauer retorted. "What I picture in my head is that Pam saves the day and goes to the Ice Cat Mountains with Eric and we're just feasting on people all year. I picture this big orgy, in cool clothes, for ten episodes!"

Speaking more seriously, Bauer shared her hopes for the fate of True Blood after the series finale.

"I would want to end it in such a way that we could do a movie," a comment which received enthusiastic applause from the crowd. "If 'Sex and the City' can do a movie, and that other vampire thing can do a movie..."

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