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Taking Amazon Prime by storm late last summer was the live-action adaptation of Ben Edlund's The Tick comic book series. Now, the series has taken over New York Comic Con with a star-studded panel to discuss what's in store for Season 1 Part 2. Follow along as we dictate everything said by The Tick creator, Ben Edlund, executive producer Barry Josephson, executive producer David Fury, and cast Peter Serafinowicz (The Tick), Griffin Newman (Arthur), Jackie Earle Haley (The Terror), Valorie Curry (Dot), Brendan Hines (Superian), Yara Martinez (Lint), Scott Speiser (Overkill), and Michael Cerveris (Ramses) as they run a Q&A, with a few surprises in store...

The panel opened with a dimming of the lights for a video presentation. It kicked off with a recap of the events of Season 1 Part 1, going through Arthur's introduction to the Tick to the return of The Terror, and lastly, the cliffhanger from the end of Season 1 Part 1.

Alicia Malone, the moderator, came on stage to summarize the series thus far. She also promoted a replica of the Dangerboat that's an installation at NYCC. Finally, she introduced the cast on stage, from Cerveris to the man himself, Serafinowicz, followed by the EPs.

She kicked off with a question for Martinez and Earle Haley, asking why Terror didn't tell Lint about his death. Martinez said "she was devastated," before Earle Haley noted, "he really wanted the world to believe he was dead, and the only way to do that was make her believe he was dead."

Addressing Arthur's anxiety, Newman noted how his portrayal of the character progressed from "terrified" to "secure," which mirrored his feelings of being cast on the show and the nervousness associated with it.

Curry noted that taking care of Arthur was a full-time job for Dot, but said she has now come to understand that Arthur's fears are real, leaving her at a crossroads for whether or not she should get involved with his and The Tick's efforts.

Edlund addressed the "line" between being meta and authentic, in addition to saying that working on the show is really no different from working on a dramatic one-hour series. "It's been an enjoyable place to be in."

Josephson noted that "we're grounding it...but we're allowing for there to be a life beyond the episode. There's more to be uncovered...the characters are three-dimensional."

Finally, the moderator turned the questions to Serafinowicz, asking how he came up with the sound for The Tick. "I didn't know the character," the actor said. "...it made me feel a bit foolish; I blushed when I realized 'wow, this is amazing this thing...it's strange and unique and profound.'" He added, "It was me and Ben, we did a Skype call together...I wanted to read the lines...[Ben] said he embodies the psyche of this classic American superhero...and that cheesy radio announcer circa late-'60s early-'70s," Serafinowicz said, before doing an impression.

The moderator then asked Speiser why Overkill has become a fan-favorite character, to which the actor said, "I know for me, it's so fun to get out any anger and frustration that happens in your daily life that I can use with Overkill...so he's just got all these people that are in his way and it's infuriating...and while I [as an actor] may hold that back, Overkill does not."

Addressing the death of Ramses, the moderator then introduced a video "honoring" the character's life. Set to sad piano music, with an end card much like the Oscars in memoriums, the video drew loud applause and laughs from the crowd.

The moderator then introduced a special sneak peek at Season 1 Part 2. It kicked off with The Tick launching onto a rooftop, then bursting through a window, asking Dot, "where's Arthur?" Set to a jazz drum beat, it's revealed in a comedic shot that The Terror himself is playing the drums. We then see Arthur in captivity, as he quips with The Terror and Lint. Next, a montage set to rock guitar teased several action sequences, capped off with The Tick himself riding a rocket into the atmosphere.

Josephson then noted we'll be seeing a lot more of Superian and Dangerboat (voiced by Alan Tudyk) in Season 1 Part 2. Additionally, he said there'll be way more of The Terror, who will be "front-and-center...unleashing hell."

"Jackie really drums," Edlund said, "we were really excited," remarking on The Terror's jazz drum work in the trailer.

The moderator then asked about The Tick's origin story and whether it will be explored as the series progresses, to which Serafinowicz said, "Tick certainly begins to think about it more," before noting that it was a big challenge that the series has a main character that "just doesn't change." He praised the creators for handling the character development dilemma well.

"There seems to be a genuine friendship with you all, does that make the set a fun place to go to?" the moderator asked. Playing it for laughs, Serafinowicz just said "Uhm..." He then remarked that there was only one major argument on set, which Newman joked was "more of a melee."

The panel then moved on to questions from the audience. "Are y'all going to have [more] characters from the comics?" a fan asked. Edlund said, "The world gets increasingly absurd as you watch [Season 1 Part 2] unfold, so I really feel confident that we'll see...some really weird stuff," hinting at the possibility of some stranger elements from the source material.

To Earle Haley, a fan asked, "Rorschach, Freddy Krueger and The Terror -- who walks out of the room alive?" Earle haley joked, "They're all the same guy."

Another fan asked about the change to The Tick's suit between the pilot and Episode 2, to which Edlund said, "The suit evolved...the initial suit -- we all agreed from the pilot -- we wanted the look to be improved...That works for the story [too]...we just kind of march on," referencing Arthur's remark about the new suit in Episode 2. "It's gonna look even better," Edlund said, hinting that enother suit upgrade could be in store.

"How do you handle [not having a backstory]?" another fan asked Serafinowicz, referring to The Tick's unknown origin on the series. "He's never thought about himself," Serafinowicz said, "...only when he gets introspective do his problems begin...maybe introspection could be defined as selfish in some way."

The Tick returns February 23 exclusively on Amazon Prime.

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