NYCC: The X-Men Panel

Marvel's X-Men panel has just begun at the New York Comic Con, and CBR will be bringing you live updates throughout the hour. On hand are moderator Jim McCann, Chris Claremont, Mike Carey, Nick Lowe, CB Cebulski, Duane Swierczynski, Jason Aaron, Daniel Way, Marjorie Liu, John Barber, Matt Fraction, and Axel Alonso. Refresh this page for updates throughout the panel.

Cebulski introduced a Travis Charest variant cover to "X-Infernus" #3. "It looks like somebody might be coming back," he said.

Barber said that Mark Millar and Steve McNiven's "Old Man Logan" arc will end with "Old Man Logan Giant Sized Specail," and that #73-74 of the series would be co-written by Daniel Way and Jason Aaron, with art by Adam Kubert and Tommy Lee Edwards.

"Magic with a 'c' and magick with a 'k' will be returning in a big way," Cebulski said.

"Young X-Men" will end with #12, Lowe said, but a "New Mutants" series will begin in May. Written by Zeb Wells, art by Diogenes Neves. There will be an Adam Kubert variant, but this wasn't shown. "Your eyes aren't ready for it," Lowe added. Magick will play a role in reuniting this team, but "there is an adversary who wants them to come together for a very specific purpose."

The next announcement was "X-Force: Sex and Violence" by Craig Kyle and Chris Yost with painted art by Gabriele dell'Otto. "Domino's crossed the League of Assassins, and Wolverine helps her out. But she has a secret she hasn't told Wolverine.

Way and Liu will be writing "Dark Wolverine" in June, which supplants the current "Wolverine" story. Logan's son Daken will take the starring role, after being chosen by Norman Osborn to be Dark Wolverine. Wearing his dad's costume "drives him insane," Way said. Giuseppe Camuncoli is illustrating.

Barber discussed the upcoming "Messiah War" crossing over between "Cable" and "X-Force." "This is the next step in the story of the Messiah story," he said. Cyclops is worried that Cable hasn't returned to the future, so he sends a team to look in on them. "Cable may not want to be helped very much," Swierczynski said. McCann joked that "Unca Stryfe" shows up.

"This child is very very important to the mutants' future," Alonso said.

McCann said that Fraction was "just there for eye candy" since most of his upcoming projects cannot yet be discussed. The writer did say a bit about stories focused on Colossus and Emma, which the Annual set up. Lowe suggested there will be "a resurrection" in upcoming issues.

"Wolverine Weapon X" will be "a dramatic departure in that there's a lot of stabbing," Aaron joked. He said that the story would examine what happens when a private contractor tries to use Weapon X research to create the perfect killing machine. "Wolverine has to go and remind them that they've already created the perfect killing machine."

Liu said that "bad stuff happens" in the final issue of "NYX." Barber added that "somebody gets shot, somebody gets stabbed, and somebody survives."

"GeNext United" will follow up Claremont's "GeNext," and takes place in India. "An adversary whose father is a well-connected villain of the current era, but not necessarily the X-era," the writer said.

Claremont will also be writing "X-Men Forever," picking up where his and Jim Lee's "X-Men" 1-3 left off. "We are about to embark on a world where nothing that you think you know applies any longer. The world Charles Xavier imagines does not exist, and the X-Men's place in the world has radically changed," he said. Tom Grummett will provide the art on this bi-weekly series. "I dare you to guess what's going to happen next! We're going off in a totally different direction from what's been done, and what I've been doing."

McCann then opened the floor for questions.

Nightcrawler will be quitting the X-Men, Lowe said, but did not specifically address the question of whether he would be "less whiny."

"Since the Dreaming Celestial is in San Francisco, he's never far off," Lowe said of the possibility of an "Eternals" and "X-Men" crossover.

X-Men weekly? Fraction says "Die!"

"There's a lot of double-ships coming," Lowe said, referring to more-than-monthly releases.

"Deadpool's a survivor, and he may be around in Cable's future, somewhere," Swierczynski hinted.

McCann said that the new "Exiles" series written by Jeff Parker may or may not feature Nocturne.

Present/future Layla Miller? "Peter David would kill me if I answered that," Barber said, adding that the recent issue #39 sets in motion a series of issues that will "all have moments like that." As if on cue, David himself ascended the stage.

"Layla will, I would have to think, eventually come back," David said to laughter. He then sang, in Bohemian Rhapsody fashion, "Miss Millah, we will not let you go! go! go!" He joked that she will likely return "in another major marketing event."

Fan: "Any plans on making Storm a mother?"

David: "I swear to god I thought he said a Muppet!"

Alonso: "We've considered it."

Psylocke will be appearing in "Sword of the Braddocks," Claremont said, "resolving some of the storylines from Exiles and leaving readers totally frustrated." Again, David misheard the title as "Sort of the Braddocks."

"Things are about to get very difficult for Scott Summers," Fraction said of the appearance of a new redhead in the Marvel Universe, the child Hope as seen in Cable.

David joked that Kitty Pryde would return in "The Kitty Pryde/Layla Miller Special: Sort of the X-Men."

"Mark Millar has some certain notions about what he wants to do [with the Old Man Logan universe], and we don't want to dilute that," Barber said about a possible return to this universe. He suggested Millar may be interested in telling more stories set there later.

Is the Blink in the upcoming "Exiles" the same from previous "Exiles" series? McCann: "Next question."

The X-Men "are on a big journey," Alonso said, mentioning their black ops team "X-Force," and that this could create trouble for Cyclops. "Those secrets could be revealed--and don't forget that girl with green eyes and red hair! Don't draw conclusions, but DO draw conclusions!"

Two fans asked about the effect Scarlett Witch's return would have on the X-Men, but were directed to see the Dark Reign panel, since the character is appearing in Dan Slott's "Mighty Avengers."

David joked that Scarlett Witch would whisper "No more crossovers," which led to applause. "All of you bought 'Secret Invasion,'" McCann laughed.

McCann said that there are no major plans for original graphic novels, but Chris Claremont is writing an "X-Men" OGN for the French market. Art is by Milo Manara

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