NYCC: The X-Files Panel

The Philes are still out there and many have came out of philedom retirement and gathered together tonight at New York Comic Con's IGN.com theater to join in on the buzz for the X-Files' upcoming movie sequel and to celebrate this unique television phenomenon.

Our panel guests, Chris Carter ("The X-Files" creator, executive producer and the film's writer and director) and Frank Spotnitz (served as the show's executive producer and is the co-writer of the film) were expectedly tight-lipped about any and all details pertaining to the sequel of the X-Files movie, which its subtitle was recently revealed to be, "I Want to Believe"; a title suggested by Carter and inspired by the same phrase shown throughout the show's run on its thematic centerpiece prop, a poster of a blurry UFO hanging in Mulder's drab FBI basement office. But Carter and Spotnitz's combined efforts to obfuscate the tightly held movie information, did not stop the Philes from pressing on with their questions about "The X-Files" of both future and past.

After a showing of the sneak-peak trailer that has started making its rounds on the convention panel circuit, the moderator jumped right in by asking both Carter and Spotnitz, "Why so mysterious?" Carter who first laughed in recognition of their iron-clad hold of plot and character information, laid out for us that the movie is set in the present day (six years after the end of the series), is a stand alone (i.e. not part of the (in)famous X-File mytharc) and it focuses on the personal lives of both Mulder and Scully, but Carter emphasized that, "[it's] not like anything we've seen before."

The moderator then turned things over to the audience and devoted the remaining time to a Q&A with Carter and Spotnitz.

Asked throughout the Q&A if we'd see the reappearance of some old beloved characters in the movie, like the Assistant Director Walter Skinner and the Lone Gunmen (of course a helpful Phile reminded the audience that the Lone Gunmen apparently died in the series), Carter and Spotnitz chose to adopt a show favorite mantra and "deny everything." However, they could confirm that none of Scully's family members - even the long lost never seen brother Charlie (who, according to Spotnitz was in an early draft of the "Christmas Carol" episode script) would not make an appearance, but "they might be referenced to [in the movie]."

Always having a strong fan presence, the 'Shipper (fans of the Mulder and Scully relationship) contingent of the Philes wanted to know what kind of Mulder and Scully lovin' we'd get with this movie. We received a straightforward "I don't know" when Carter was asked if we'd be surprised by the evolution of the Mulder and Scully relationship. One woman wanted to know if the rumors of a steamy Mulder and Scully sex scene being cut from the movie was true. Carter responded simply that it was a rumor, but the moderator cut in saying that, "nope, it's in there." This generated by far the strongest reaction of the night, with a burst of laughter and woos of a united 'Shipper voice. Carter received his own laughs when he jokingly revealed that Mulder and Scully have kept in touch these last six years through "texting." Finally, a fan wanted to know if either Carter or Spotnitz had ever read internet fan fiction and if any of it inspired any possible love scenes in the movie. Carter laughingly and politely responded that the movie has a PG-13 rating and that fan fiction love scenes are a bit too racy for that kind of film, but he does appreciate it and is sure that sexy fan fiction has lead to more people having "hot and racy lives."

Beyond questions about the upcoming film, fans wanted clarification or confirmation about some of the more fuzzy elements from the show's run. After an evening of "deny everything" answers, it was good to hear Carter respond with "it's Mulder's" when asked "who's the father of Scully's baby?" Carter also offered a rare straightforward answer to a question relating to the show's finale episode, "The Truth." A fan wanted to know why Mulder saw the "dead people" of the show's past. Carter initially went with a "Sixth Sense" joke, but then explained that Mulder seeing these apparitions was a device to remind him of those people who have shaped him and his journey, and they were "not ghosts."

Spotnitz revealed that he reacts with laughter when things truly scare him. It's "a strange reaction," he admits, but then went on to say that the movie amuses him. When asked if there are any plans for special features or extra unrated footage for the DVD ("unrated" getting a laugh), Spotnitz admitted that he didn't know, but he did say that the "Blu-ray DVD will be really cool."

For fans of both comics and "The X-Files," the biggest news to come out of the panel appeared to be an accidental one. On Saturday it will be announced that DC/Wildstorm will be publishing a new X-Files comic book series later this year.

For those Philes looking for "The X-Files" beyond this summer's release, there are no current plans for more sequels, especially not one for the ominous year of 2012. Of course, if you know your X-Files mythology, you don't need Carter to remind you there can't be a movie then because the "aliens are coming in 2012."

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