NYCC: The Nerdy Bird flies around NYCC, Part 3

The final day at New York Comic Con. You're exhausted. You're cranky. You're broke. You start questioning why you bothered coming in the first place. Then you see it - a little kid dressed as Rorschach - and all is right in the world.

Kids Day at NYCC is very surreal. A lot of parents probably dress their off-spring according to what they wish they'd dressed as when they were younger. I can only hope that not too many of them rebel when they grow up and decide comic books suck just because their parents like them. The great thing is, you can tell which one's wear their Batman or Spider-Man costume to bed every night. It's something in their eyes, they've got the fever and they bring happy memories back for all of us. There was the usual percentage of popular characters, I saw a cute Captain America and Darth Vader, but there were also a few I'd never seen on a kid before. I saw a really great Kitty Pryde outfit, although the little fella dressed as "The Dark Knight" Joker will probably give me nightmares for a while. I didn't actually see these two, but kudos to the parents of the mini Doctor Horrible and Captain Hammer I heard about from a friend.

Although I love all the kid costumes, I have a real fear of accidentally running into one of them with my wheelchair. It's hard enough trying to avoid the ten adults surrounding you at any given point, but every time the crowd breaks and you think you're in the clear, there's a Tiny Titan standing there, barely three feet tall. Luckily no children were harmed, although I can't say as much for the adults. I apologize to those I hit this weekend, it wasn't on purpose. Mostly.

The cosplayers were out in full force today. I think I might have seen more costumes than on Saturday, which may have to do with the beautiful weather we were lucky enough to get. It's fun seeing classic characters portrayed accurately but I enjoy it when people put their own flare on a costume. I'm especially entertained when women feminize male characters. Who doesn't love a good female Storm Trooper? The best I've ever seen was a female Hellboy(girl) and (B)Abe Sapien. I'm waiting for the day when a guy has the guts to make himself the male version of Harley Quinn or Mystique.

Another NYCC come and gone. I didn't see any grand changes compared to last time but they've got over a year now to make as many improvements as they can. Not to mention line up lots more talent. You can let your voice be heard about what was good and what was not so good on the NYCC official blog, Medium At Large. Personally, I'm really excited for October 2010.

Things I learned at NYCC 2009:

  • Little kids in Star Wars costumes make me infinitely happy.
  • On day three, people think the convention floor is a garbage can.
  • Dustin Nguyen loves red heads.
  • There is a cosplay bathroom and even I'm scared to go in there.
  • Eve Myles, from "Torchwood," is a fan of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer."
  • Shamelessly self-promoting your blog called "Has Boobs, Reads Comics" LINK: http://www.thenerdybird.com/ on your wheelchair will get you a lot of interesting looks.
  • Geoff Johns is actually Geoff Johns-5 from the 31st century. That's where he gets all his ideas.
  • Trying to pick out an Ugly Doll is like trying to pick a dog from the pound.
  • Some fans will never learn how to ask smart questions at panels. It's a fact of life.
  • Jimmy Palmiotti loves boobs. Oh wait, I already knew that.

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