NYCC: The Nerdy Bird flies around NYCC, Part 2

Life's not easy - when you're a cat. Sure, nine lives may sound fun, but try spending them in the crowded aisles of the New York Comic Con on a Saturday. You might just change your mind.

Saturdays at NYCC are notoriously busy, and I always seem to forget that. Even though I'd planned to wear my Catwoman costume on Sunday this year, something inside told me to go for it today. Needless to say, I didn't get much done. Traveling from Point A to Point B on the show floor in costume is practically impossible. Traveling the same distance as a girl in costume? Forget it. If you stop for one picture, you're actually stopping for ten or twenty. Don't get me wrong, I love being photographed, but when you're worried about the sketchbook you accidentally left with Georges Jeanty the night before, well, there's only so many poses you can strike! Luckily, my sketch was well worth the anxiety.

For my costume, I went for the modern version of Catwoman with my own stylistic twist. I opted to not cover my head and wore just the goggles. I wanted to harken back to her thieving days so I covered myself in pearls and jewels. I also found an amazing giant orange diamond to carry around as a prop. Of course I had the whip but, if you can believe it, not once did I get accosted to use it on anyone. I'm kinda disappointed. Maybe next time. The other thing that surprised me was that no one called me out on my hair color. I dyed my hair black but have been letting my natural red grow in for a while. I'm not fond of wigs so I had an explanation set but never had to use it. I was going to say I was half Selina Kyle and half Holly Robinson. You all fail.

It was a mixed bag of panels for me today. First, I accidentally wound up at the "Robot Chicken" panel, which is pretty sweet all things considered. Besides having a soft spot in my heart for Seth Green, it was extremely entertaining. We were treated to a video of one of the many time wasting activities the group participates in; Matthew Senreich eating eight donuts in a half-hour for money. He succeeded. They also talked about how long it takes to make a full season - eleven months! I'm going to appreciate it that much more now. We also got a sneak peak at some hilarious new material, but I was most excited when they announced some new figures they'd be making use of soon. Remember M.A.S.K.? I have three older brothers, so I know them well and can't wait to see what they do with them.

Not much new material was discussed at the DC Universe panel that wasn't brought up at the previous day's DC Nation panel, but there were a few exceptions. Geoff Johns announced that "Blackest Night" would officially start in July, and Peter Tomasi is gearing us up for another new law in the Book of Oa. It's too bad Grant Morisson had to cancel his NYCC appearance. It felt almost anti-climactic to have just finished "Final Crisis" but not be able to discuss it at length because he wasn't there. The panel did announce something coming soon called "Final Crisis: Aftermath." There will be four 6-issue long mini-series ,and senior story editor Ian Sattler promises a big moment in each mini that we won't believe. The series are as follows: "Run," featuring a hard-up Human Flame, "Escape" with Wonder Woman's boyfriend Nemesis in some sort of trouble, "Ink" following the Tattooed Man and "Dance," starring none other than the Super Young Team. Just wait until you see the cover for that one.

My last panel of the day was the surprisingly outrageous and naughty "Torchwood" panel. I say surprisingly, because John Barrowman was not in attendance and he's usually the one who brings that out in people. It must have rubbed off on cast-mate Eve Myles, though, who was there along with director Euros Lyn to represent the show. A sneak peak at the upcoming special, "Children of Earth," had the crowd salivating. That is, until Myles started discussing her character Gwen's various kissing partners on the show, among other things. She seems like a genuinely sweet and caring person, and she was grateful for every question she received which is less and less common these days. Then again, she's new to the United States and conventions, and was amazed to see her head in large-scale hanging on the front of the Javitt's Center.

Tomorrow is the third and final day of the convention and I still haven't bought anything from the show floor. Can you believe it? Blasphemy! If anyone would like to point me to any cool tables feel free to leave some comments. For now, it's time for another cat nap.

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