NYCC: Tamaki Sends Lara Croft on New Adventures in "Tomb Raider II" Series

As announced at this year's New York Comic Con, "Skim" writer Mariko Tamaki will follow up Gail Simone and Rhianna Pratchett's work with Lara Croft in a new "Tomb Raider II" series from Dark Horse Comics. An artist has not yet been announced for the book. Tamaki spoke with ComicsAlliance about the project, revealing her plans for Lara and her friends.

"My goal is to develop the character, to pull in more elements, to flesh out other parts of her character and life," Tamaki explained, "Because that's the amazing part of a series like this, is you can have your characters grow, because they're getting older, because they've learned things from their past adventures, and so on."

"I'm super into the global element of this series, and so I'm excited to send/take Lara Croft to a bunch of different parts of the world," she added.

She also shared that "Tomb Raider II" will directly Simone and Pratchett's previous work worth the character, saying, "I am definitely working from the issues written by Gail Simone and Rhianna Pratchett. Props to them. They rule. They've laid down the foundation and I'm building on that."

"Lara's friends are her vulnerability and her strength," she continued. "Lara's friends are part of what make her adventures complex beyond just, 'Where is the door to this tomb? Oh, here it is.' They are the human element. They are something to lose, or fight for, or protect beyond whatever inanimate object is in the tomb. (I think many events in Lara's past have demonstrated, pretty potently, the danger involved in bringing your friends along with you on adventures.) They're another voice besides the one in Lara's head.

"Because Lara is a fighter, she can have a bit of a singularity of focus. Her friends are the complicating factor. Which I think is pretty important. I mean, ultimately, the Tomb Raider, the center of these stories, is Lara, but you need to have something outside the center."

"Tomb Raider II" will be available at retailers in February 2016.

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