NYCC: 'SuperMansion's' Red-Band Trailer Will Haunt Your Dreams

While the New York Comic Con trailer for Adult Swim's "Robot Chicken DC Comics Presents III: Magical Friendship" contains some undeniably racy moments, it has nothing on this red-band teaser for Stoopid Buddy Stoodios' new stop-motion series "SuperMansion." Really. You may want to brace yourselves -- and your office mates -- not only for the language, but for ... dangling clown genitalia.

Streaming on Crackle.com, "SuperMansion" centers on the everyday lives of the League of Freedom, a superhero team led by the aging Titanium Rex (voiced by Bryan Cranston of "Breaking Bad.")

Watch the NSFW trailer below, and check out the entire first episode on CBR.

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