NYCC: Secret Invasion Panel

Live from the New York Comic Con, CBR is reporting on Friday's Secret Invasion panel. On hand are Jason Aaron, Tom Brevoort, Greg Pak, Fred Van Lente, Axel Alonso, Kevin Grevioux, Dan Slott, Brian Reed, Christos Gage, Bill Rosemann, Andy Lanning, Jim McCann, and Joe Quesada.

Before the panel, Marvel showed the final "Kinsey Blog" video promoting "Secret Invasion." The video series will be spinning off into a web comic at Marvel.com.

"My name is Joe Quesada, and I am a Skrull." Immediately after, Jim McCann asked the audience to put on the skrull masks that had been distributed at Marvel's booth and in the panel.

The previously unseen cover to "Secret Invasion" #2 features Hawkeye and Mockingbird.

A Thor Secret Invasion tie-in will be written by Matt Fraction. Artist not announced. There will also be cosmic heroes tie-ins.

Brian Reed will write a "Secret Invasion" arc of "Amazing Spider-Man."

"Deadpool" ongoing by Daniel Way and Paco Medina is coming, with first three issues part of Secret Invasion.

"We do events because it's what you want," Quesada said in response to a question about the continuous series of event comics. "You vote with your dollars or you vote with your feet."

McCann said that the aftershocks of each event were felt in the next, building upon what's gone before.

After one fan asked a series of purchase- and reprint-related questions, she ended by asking "Does Iron Man the movie suck?" Quesada said, "I've seen it four times. I'll tell you the truth, it's awesome."

"The relationship between Pepper and Tony is the best on-screen super hero romance ever," he said.

"The pitch I gave Tom [Brevoort] was, it's called 'Front Line,' let's put it on the front lines," Van Lente said about the "Secret Invasion: Front Line" tie-in.

Will some titles be cancelled after the Skrulls? Brevoort: "I really hope so, because I'm really tired." He said there will be three Avengers books "for some time to come."

"New Avengers" #43 will deal with the connection between "Secret Invasion" and the "Annihilation" characters. "Nova 16-18," and "Guardians of the Galaxy" #3-6 will also relate.

Lanning: "The Super-skrull absolutely is a skrull," he said to laughs. "That's our first two issues."

"You will see the events of 'Nova' 16 lead into the events of 'She-Hulk' #32," Rosemann said, noting that She-Hulk's partner is the daughter of Super-Skrull.

Following a question about obscure Skrulls: "Dan Slott was talking about Titanus three hours ago," Brevoort said. "So depending on what he said, we might see him."

The panelists greatly enjoyed Kevin Grevioux's deep voice, and prodded him with questions to keep him talking. "I think Kevin's voice is like Black Bolt's voice," McCann joked.

The X-Men's involvement in "Secret Invasion" will largely be confined to the "Secret Invasion: X-Men" miniseries.

Brevoort said that the question of Phoenix's appearance in issue one will be dealt with in the series.

Wouldn't Spider-Man's public-then-private identity raise some alarms? Brevoort said that right now everybody's busy with Skrulls, but this will be dealt with later.

"Secret Invasion: Inhumans" will deal with Black Bolt's status as king. Drawn by Tom Raney, written by Bill Pokaski.

Jason Aaron is only on "Black Panther" for the SI arc.

Will there be a Nick Fury book after "Secret Invasion?" After a long pause, McCann answered, "There are definitely plans for Nick Fury if he survives 'Secret Invasion,' but currently the big plans are for Nick Fury during 'Secret Invasion.'"

Brian Reed plugged the upcoming Spider-man game, "Web of Shadows," that he wrote.

McCann said that the new X-Men HQ seen in the FCBD comic is not a school.

Fan: "Can I get Kevin to say Moose and Squirrel for me?" Grevioux: "Moose. and Squirrel."

McCann said that we will see Ultimate Spider-Woman again, but "not for a bit."

"The characters that drive our business" are the X-Men, Avengers, and the like, Quesada said. But less famous characters are being tested in miniseries like the upcoming "Hellcat," and in "Marvel Comics Presents."

"We would love to see Namor be successful, but sometimes it's a matter of finding the right creator and the right environment," Quesada continued.

Regarding the movies: "It's about time the rest of the world realized what we're doing in comics," Quesada said. "We're building the modern myths."

Tom Brevoort: "To me, the idea of 'Solo Avengers' was stupid" because the Avengers are a team. "We'd call that 'Thor.'" A second question was asked about humans infiltrating the Skrulls, but Brevoort said we have to read the series for the answer.

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