NYCC: Quick Stop Entertainment Panel

New York Comic Con was the place, Saturday was the day, and 5:00pm was the time for the Quick Stop Entertainment panel, the virtual entertainment hub founded by popular filmmaker Kevin Smith. On stage at the top of the hour were Craig Shayman, writer for the Muppets; musician/internet superstar Jonathan Coulton, and the comedy/music duo of Paul & Storm.

Unfortunately, it wasn't until 5:40 that the panel formally began. The moderator was still at the Venture Brothers panel, which itself was delayed for half an hour due to massive outpour of fans, causing a room change and other chaos. As time passed, the crowd became increasingly antsy, so Coulton performed his folksy take on the Sir Mix A Lot classic Baby Got Back with Paul & Storm providing back up.

Once the moderator, Ken Plume, Editor-in-Chief of Quick Stop Entertainment, finally appeared, he confessed he did not have a DVD that was meant to be part of the presentation. So as he went to track it down, Paul & Storm performed another song, an original inspired by Saturday morning classic School House Rock, Count To Ten. The audience was encouraged to sing along, and after each verse, the two would pick an audience member that they felt had the most vigor and enthusiasm by rewarding him or her with a prize, which was mostly random DVDs from a large black garbage bag the moderator had provided. These included various Avatar the Air Bender, Doctor Who, and National Geographic DVDs. Random books and Iron Man action figures were also part of the mix.

After this second song, Plume re-appeared and the panel finally got underway at the 5:41 mark. He first announced that QSE would be the official home of the making-of featurettes for Kevin Smith's latest film, “Zack & Miri Make A Porno.”

Plume next announced Masters of Song-Fu, a head-to-head songwriting competition, with winner determined by audience votes. The first challenge was also unveiled: create a television show theme song. Each must be no longer 30 seconds. Participants include Neil Ennis, Billy West, and Doc Hammer, and the competition will also be open to the public. Entries will be accepted starting May 1 through May 15. Those songs chosen to be voted on by audiences will be presented on May 31.

After another prize was presented for yet another attendee with the best dance -- a girl ran on stage, danced a little routine, and was promptly rewarded with a “Life of Brian” DVD-- the first video clip was shown to the audience. Featuring co-creator Dave Thomas, a two minute trailer for the upcoming “Bob & Doug” animated series was premiered. Thomas jokingly explained the move to animated form was necessitated due to both him and co-star Rick Moranis' age coupled with high definition film and video technology.

The trailer itself featured the classic duo of Bob & Doug, now as cartoon characters, along with a wacky and colorful cast engaging in various hijinks. One scene had a very rich Doug living the good life with a live lobster that snorted cocaine before being cracked and eaten by Doug. The trailer ended with Coming in 2009.

The second video presentation was on “Zack & Miri Make A Porno,” and kicked off with Kevin Smith explaining that along the lines of “Clerks 2,” he will again be presenting a series of webisodes featuring a behind-the-scenes look at his last film, featuring the cast and called “Money Shots.”

A quick example was next shown, featuring Seth Rogen along with fellow cast members Craig Robinson and Jason Mewes as they talked about the fake semen used in the film. Ricky Mabe then enters the scene and begins to spread the substance across his face, much to the horror and/or delight of the others.

It was announced that the first installment of “Money Shots” will premiere on Quick Stop Entertainment on May 15.

Immediately afterwards, the staff of the NYCC alerted Plume and company that they had to rap things up because the hour was almost up. Paul & Storm performed a song about pirates, and Coulton sang a song about many random things while Plume emptied out the rest of the gift bag to the rest of the room.

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