NYCC: Quesada Takes a Sip of Marvel NOW!

Following an incredible Marvel Television panel revealing Clark Gregg as the first casting in Joss Whedon's "S.H.I.E.L.D.," Marvel Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada began his Cup o' Joe panel to take on all questions for an anything goes, no-holds barred panel. Quesada, alongside Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso, Senior Vice-President of Creator & Content Development C.B. Cebulski, Senior Editor Steve Wacker and more, took on all questions with a new look at some of Marvel's upcoming titles in front of an audience ready to start asking questions about the latest developments at NYCC.

The panel began with dimmed lights as Director of Communications Arune Singh played a clip from Quesada's appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" where Kimmel pitched a new comic featuring his own heroes called "The Terrific Ten."

Following the clip, Quesada took the stage to incredible applause. "What's up New York?!" said Quesada, who explained the concept of Cup o' Joe -- time for fans to ask questions of the Marvel Comics staff on hand, which included additional guests Head of Marvel TV Jeph Loeb and writer Dan Buckley.

Singh kicked off the panel by introducing "The Punisher Nightmare" by Scott Gimple and Mark Texiera, where the Punisher finds a man with an origin not unlike his own and has to determine whether he becomes an ally or an enemy.

Quesada moved on to note Marvel will be launching a new "Guardians of the Galaxy" comic book by Brian Michael Bendis with art by Steve McNiven, due out in February 2013.

Quesada moved on to note Marvel will be launching a new "Guardians of the Galaxy" comic book by Brian Michael Bendis with art by Steve McNiven, due out in February 2013. The figure in the center "is a man wearing Iron Man-looking armor, that's for sure," said editor Steve Wacker.

McNiven was actually in the audience, and Singh called him up onstage as the audience applauded.

"I know Bendis and Iron Man writer Kieron Gillen have been talking a lot," said Wacker.

Quesada then unveiled a new "Nova" series by Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness.

"That is Sam Alexander. He is the new Nova," said Loeb, who is a huge Nova fan. "Everything that happened in the Abnett and Lanning stories were so gigantic and enormous. The Nova Corps is gone. This is a story about in a very Marvel way about how an ordinary kid has something happen to him in an extraordinary way."

Loeb characterized the story as more of an origin story with the Nova helmet thrust upon Sam Alexander with nobody to talk to about it. Family is a big theme of what will happen in "Nova,"

Alonso announced a new project from Marvel Custom in association with ESPN Magazine. "Lebron: King of the Rings" will be written by Christos Gage with art by Mike Dedato, Terry Dodson and Scott Eaton. A preview is available on ESPN.com. Every member of the panel will get a ten-page preview of the comic and an exclusive Rocket Raccoon pin.

"It's something extraordinary with our group," said Loeb. The full-length feature story in the spirit of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will hit stores April 2013.

With that, the panel opened it up to audience questions.

One of the audience members said "AvX" made him hate Wolverine and asked the panel about the possibility of Howard the Duck and Donald Duck "Hangover"-style crossover.

"Ain't gonna happen," said Quesada. "We're actually collaborating with Disney on something amazingly cool. ... So stay tuned."

"If we did something like that, it wouldn't be that," said Alonso. "It would be Deadpool versus Goofy."

A fan asked about the preparation for conventions and editorial.

"What you guys don't see here are the people who are working at the offices that are not at the convention," said Quesada, who called out the countless editors and assistant editors. "There's a lot of work that goes on. We do it because we love what we do. Everyone at Marvel loves the comics, loves the characters. It's so great that you love the stuff we do."

A fan asked a question about how editorial keeps characters relevant when they're based around certain historical events.

"As long as you're honest with the character moments," said Buckley, "it doesn't really matter as long as you're telling the stories with the characters and not disrespecting what's come before."

The always-present "Runaways" question came up, and Cebulski said there were no plans for them to show up as a team. However, he noted, there are characters appearing in "Avengers Arena."

"Until we get the pitch that really takes them to the next level," said Cebulski, "It's just a matter of getting the right pitch."

"It doesn't feel right until it smells completely right with a bunch of people in the office," said Buckley, who noted the original series was so tied to Brian K. Vaughan.

A fan asked about a Cloak and Dagger series.

"I'm there fighting the fight every day, pal!" said Wacker. "If 'Nova' and 'Guardians of the Galaxy' each seek 300,000 copies, I will make sure Cloak and Dagger show up in both of those books."

Squirrel Girl came up to the mic and asked about Amadeus Cho.

"Amadeus Cho will be arriving in a book and you won't know until it comes out," Alonso teased.

A huge Joss Whedon fan skipped the Firefly panel to come to Cup o' Joe and asked about the influx of Hollywood writers in comics, specifically Joss Whedon and Kevin Smith.

"Joss is brilliant, but I want to talk about Kevin [Smith] because I had a very intimate experience bringing Kevin to Marvel Knights and getting him to write comics," said Quesada. "14 years ago, comics was a much different field. We were on the verge of extinction and here's Kevin who makes Hollywood movies and comics are a pond, a puddle. ... Kevin won't talk about this, but i will firmly say that if it wasn't for Kevin coming to Marvel, you wouldn't see a lot of Hollywood writers coming into comics."

A fan asked McNiven about Starlord's iconic helmet and whether it'll show up in Marvel NOW! "Guardians of the Galaxy."

"I'm actually like redesigning the Guardians, so it won't be the same helmet," he said. "He'll have a helmet, but he won't have it on all the time."

Loeb fielded a question about his new Nova series, which he said was more focused on telling the story of this new Nova. "I do want to emphasize -- for so long, Marvel Cosmic felt like something that was way out there and there are very credible fans in Marvel Cosmic," said Loeb. "When we sat down to first do this project, what we said is ... when you look at Nova, you should look at him in the same eye you look at Spider-Man and Iron Man and Hulk. It's not the Marvel Comics Universe, it's the Marvel Universe."

Wacker confirmed that "Superior Spider-Man" will feature a Spider-Man who is not Peter Parker, which Dan Slott said earlier this week.

A young man walked up to the microphone with three questions, asking about favorite two superheroes. Many of the common threads were Iron Fist, Spider-Man, Daredevil. The young man's two favorites were Deadpool and Wolverine. While the panel couldn't answer his next question about the "X-Men" films and Buckley asked the fan to contact Mark Millar directly. McNiven

The final questions got applause from the audience: "Will there be any more super villain teams?"

Wacker said there will be a new Sinister Six in "Superior Spider-Man."

A young man asked how to become a comic book artist and Quesada answered.

"The way to become a real artist -- do you like sports?" asked Quesada. "If you wanted to be a professional athlete, you would work at it every day. ... If you want to be a comic book artist, it's the exact same thing. You have to draw every day. That's the way you get good."

After the lightning round of questions, the panel wrapped.

"I'm actually like redesigning the Guardians, so it won't be the same helmet," he said. "He'll have a helmet, but he won't have it on all the time."

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