NYCC | Post-show round-up

Reports from this past weekend's New York Comic Con continue to roll out; Kevin's covered some of them in his Comics A.M. and Food or Comics? posts, but here are a few more I found interesting ...

• The Zatanna artwork up top is by Cliff Chiang, who shares several of the sketches he did at the con on his blog.

• Neil Kleid shares 25 random thoughts about the show:

5. While SCOTT PILGRIM 5 was, to me, the book of the weekend, I can’t urge you enough to find a copy of Chris Kirby’s Devils Due graphic novel, THE LOST SQUAD. It’s like Busiek’s ARROWSMITH had sex with BAND OF BROTHERS, and uses characters named after the old Chicago baseball triple-play Tinkers-to-Evers-to-Chance.

• At the 4thletter!, David Brothers talks about the Hip-hop and Comics panel:

It was pretty wonderful. Rather than being a shillfest for PE’s comic, which was only mentioned maybe twice, it was about growing up in the ’60s and ’70s and what they were into. It was about the intersection between rap and superheroes. It was about everything I’ve ever talked about in one hour long panel.

One thing I hate are comic fans who get upset when somebody goes “Ha ha, nerds!” It’s stupid self-hating lack of self-esteem-having silliness. This panel was the opposite. It was a bunch of guys in touch with their inner nerd and not feeling bad about it at all. One guy mentioned that he was getting stellar grades in school and was being tested for access to a gifted class in school. The teacher asked him if he knew what espionage meant. His response?

“Like in Supreme Headquarters, International Espionage, Law-Enforcement Division?”


“Uh, it means spy stuff. Espionage.”

PvP creator Scott Kurtz shares his thoughts on the show and New York City:

The New York Comicon reminds me of the San Diego con circa 2001. Things had just started getting big, but not so big that you wanted to kill yourself on day two. It’s mostly still about comics (albeit they had a big video game presence) which is awesome. The first half-day of the con is reserved for professionals and other exhibitors, which is something I miss at the SDCC. It’s a nice calm before the storm and an opportunity for those stuck behind the booth all weekend to get out and browse.

• Rickey at the Cool Kid's Table shares memories and sketches he gathered.

• Chip Kidd gave a tour of the convention floor to Salon.com's cameraman:

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