NYCC: Petersen, Nguyen & Larson Join "Gotham Academy: Yearbook"

While the world of DC Comics "Gotham Academy" may be indebted to past iterations of the Dark Knight, the future of the book will be featuring art talent that's brand new to the DC Universe.

At a panel at New York Comic Con, "Gotham Academy" co-writer Brenden Fletcher announced that the book's upcoming "Yearbook" series of issues will bring guests artists both experienced and brand new to the teen superhero world including "Lil' Gotham's" Dustin Nguyen, "Mouse Guard's" David Petersen and "A Wrinkle In Time" cartoonist Hope Larson.

"There's a lot more names to come," the writer promised for the stories that begin in January's issue #14. Kerschl noted that they're so early in the recruitment phase of things that he was told by Petersen of his interest before the artist had even responded to their editor. The "Yearbook" story will feature short solo tales about the supporting cast of "Gotham Academy." But before those issues and artists arrive, the series will tie in with "Robin War" in what Fletcher called "the fun issue" of the crossover with "Academy" #11. Then, issues #12 and 13 will wrap the dramatic mystery storylines surrounding Maps, Olive and the rest of the core cast.

But when the "Yearbook" arrives, the creators will pump the breaks on the doom and gloom of the series long-running first year plotline to embrace the teenage story side of the book's DNA in a big way.

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