NYCC | Natasha Allegri Gives a Sneak Peek at 'Bee and PuppyCat'

Fans gathered at New York Comic Con on Saturday afternoon for a sneak peek of the highly anticipated Cartoon Hangover series Bee and PuppyCat. Frederator Studios Director of Publicity Nate Olson served as moderator and opened the panel by reassuring fans that Frederator is working quickly to produce a ten-episode season based on the short film released on YouTube in July 2013: "We are literally making them as fast as we possibly can."

The first episode of "Bee and PuppyCat: The Series" will debut on Cartoon Hangover's YouTube channel on November 6, with the second episode to come two weeks later. Unfinished versions of both of the first two episodes were screened at the panel to enthusiastic response from the crowd.

Series creator Natasha Allegri joined executive producer Fred Seibert onstage to discuss the origins of the project and answer questions from fans. After the success of the short film version of Bee and PuppyCat, Frederator launched a Kickstarter to fund the series. With over 18,000 supporters pledging an average of $40, the Kickstarter was a success. Seibert revealed that Frederator wants to make a second season of the show, but there are no concrete plans yet.

Before the success of Bee and PuppyCat, Allegri worked on Adventure Time, best known for originating gender-swapped versions of the show's characters, Fionna and Cake. Allegri has created comics featuring these characters through BOOM! Studios, which later launched a series of Bee and PuppyCat comics in May 2014, co-written by Allegri, Garrett Jackson and Madeleine Flores.

Allegri said the biggest difference between working on Adventure Time and working on Bee and PuppyCat is that Bee and PuppyCat is more work, but that she gets to do, "whatever I want" with her own show. No crossover between the two series is planned right now. Allegri assured fans that she is planning a gender-swap episode of Bee and PuppyCat, and that more of PuppyCat's mysterious backstory would be revealed, but "not too much."

On her inspiration for the series, Allegri said Sailor Moon was a major influence, largely because it was "the only anime that was available to me" during her childhood. She called the series, "a love letter to Sailor Moon."

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