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NYCC: Mondo Marvel Panel

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NYCC: Mondo Marvel Panel


Marvel announced The Destroyer by creators, Robert Kirkman and Cory Walker

Welcome to CBR’s coverage of the MONDO MARVEL panel at New York Comic Con featuring new information direct from panelists Joe Quesada, Marc Guggenheim, Fred Van Lente, Dan Slott, Greg Pak, Jim McCann, Axel Alonso, Steve Wacker, Jason Aaron, CB Cebulski, Brian Reed and Duane Sweirzynski.

“September is Terry Moore month!” said Joe Quesada, discussing the writer’s upcoming RUNAWAYS with Humberto Ramos, SPIDER-MAN LOVES MARY JANE with Craig Rosseau, with covers by Moore himself.

Quesada then announced the new title DESTROYER by Robert Kirkman and NYX written by Marjorie Liu. Also, Mark Waid is joining the writing team of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN.

Quesada then turned the floor over to fans’ questions, the first to Dan Slott, who was asked if we’ll be seeing the Green Goblin’s original costume. The answer: maybe.

In response to another question, Guggenheim indicated the resolution to Spider-Man’s legal troubles will be seen in an upcoming Brand New Day special.

Slott was then asked about “The Reckoning War,” which he said would continue to get bigger and bigger.

Quesada was asked about the no-smoking ban in Marvel books, and he reconciles that with depictions of characters swearing and using drugs. Quesada explained that as long as smoking and drugs are used by bad guys and not glorified in any way, he is alright with it. As for swearing, the publisher said, “I think we’ve been using it too much. It’s not like we invented it, but it’s been popping up a lot more. I’m not crazy about it for two reasons. If it’s done too often, it takes you out of the story. Secondly, it loses its effect.”

Editor Tom Brevoort remarked, “You should see the stuff we cut out of Bendis comics.”

Brand new interior art from The amazing Spider-Man

Regarding the ongoing controversy concerning Spider-Man and Mary Jane’s marriage, Quesada explained, “We changed one event. The wedding day,” and that 20 years of continuity remain intact.

Another fan asked how One More Day effects Spider-Clone Ben Reily, to which Brevoort responded, emphatically, “Ben Reily is STILL dead. He is STILL DEAD.”

Once Secret Invasion is over, Dan Slott said fans will see a lot more of Taskmaster in THE INITIATIVE.

Quesada was asked about a remark by Mark Millar concerning Ultimates 3, which the writer said would outsell his own run on the title. The fan observed that Millar was incorrect, and that Ultimates 3 fell short of Millar’s book by about 17 thousand copies.

McCann remarked, “You want us to live up to Mark Millar’s expectations?” The marketing guru then explained that sales estimates can sometimes be off by as much as 10,000 units.

Quesada added that the figures don’t include subsequent printings or trade paperbacks. He also revealed that the publisher’s #1 subscription title is Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man.

“If you were to make a toy version of Spidey’s web-shooters, would they break as often in the comic?” asked a fan. Not if they were made by Hasbro, Quesada answered.

The panel then revealed that as of next month, there will be no further web shooter malfunctions in Spider-Man comics.

A fan asked if the panel planned to bring back Squirrel Girl. “My favorite thing about Squirrel Girl?” said Quesada. “Stores your nuts.”

Some Joe Mad! Ultimates artwork

Another fan complimented Quesada on the cohesiveness of Marvel’s big events like Civil War and World War Hulk. Quesada sad that the direction of the Marvel Universe is planned well into 2010. He also said that Civil War came up as a random idea when World War Hulk was being positioned as the next big event.

“I really love Marvel a lot, but one thing I get frustrated with… why are my favorite books always coming out late? Three, four months late?”

“Because they’re yours,” said one of the panelists.

“There’s only two or three books that bump THAT much,” said McCann, explaining that specials and other one-shots are slotted in so fans can still get the content in some form. “We also make a concerted effort to not solicit something until it is ready. Late books are not a new thing, but we’re definitely trying to come up with new ways to avoid them.”

Another fan asked if there were any plans to bring the characters from DAREDEVIL: FATHER back into the Marvel U. “I have an origin of their story in my head,” Quesada revealed, explaining that Ed Brubaker was interested in moving forward with their story.

“With all the realism with death and everything put in comics these days, what would be the cut-off line for the basic Marvel Universe that you guys would not cross — besides smoking?”

“Every character has a particular line, and if you cross it there is no coming back from that,” answered Quesada. “The fun is dancing on that line. There are things that Daredevil can do that Spider-Man can’t do. There are things the Punisher can do that Daredevil can’t do. I think that’s what makes this such a beautiful universe. We are aware of these things as we have our meetings and ask, is that a bridge too far? Bendis wants to cross that bridge all the time. Profanity. Death. Geldoff.”


Uncolored Larry Stroman X-Factor pages

Duane Sweirzynski was asked if he has any plans to delve into the “worst-case scenario” for the child Cable is traveling with. “If you love the baby, sorry. If you hate the baby, keep reading.”

A fan indicated he was very pro-registration, saying that every time a conversation about it came up on the CBR forums, he was called a nazi. When it was announced that Iron Man would be redeemed in Matt Fraction’s INVINCIBLE IRON MAN, the fan became sad.

Brian Reed and Jim McCann said that when the fan sees what Fraction has planned for his first two years, he will be happy and continue to be yelled at.

Quesada said that because Tony Stark has become such a complex and interesting character, nearly every pitch he hears for new stories about any Marvel character touches on Stark in some way.

A fan asked about John Cassaday’s Eisner-nominated covers. McCann explained that Cassaday developed the series’ memorable cover style, and that the artist works closely with colorist Lauren Martin to create the fan-favorite images.

The fan also asked if the general public can be confused by the multiple Iron Man, Hulk and Spider-Man books and covers available. Quesada said he tries to make Marvel’s covers as spectacular as possible, and did everything to make each book as distinctive as possible. The publisher also said Marvel depends on retailers to help filter those many books to their customers.

A fan asked about the relationship between Iron Man and Spider-Man as established in Civil War, and whether it continues post-One More Day. The heroes do have the same relationship, but Iron Man no longer knows who Spider-Man really is.

The panel announced Smokin’ Aces filmmaker Joe Carnahan will be writing a Taskmaster miniseries.

Ghost Rider has his hands full under Jason Aaron’s guidance

Christos Gage and Dan Slott said one of the story developments coming up in INITIATIVE will involve difficulty staffing every US state with a hero, and that the Skrull invasion will make it even harder. “A skrull in every state!” Slott laughed.

A fan asked about the long rumored Jeph Loeb/J. Scott Campbell Spider-Man project. Quesada said the project is in the works at the moment, but that no announcements or solicits will be made until the work is completed. “This will be the definitive Spider-Man,” said Quesada. “No offense to the Spider-Man guys on the panel.”

The panel confirmed John Romita, Jr. will return to AMAZING SPIDER-MAN for six issues in August, putting an end to the pattern of using different artists for different storylines. “The rotation is getting totally screwed up!” Guggenheim laughed.

“Is it going to be brought to Aunt May’s attention that she hooked up with a Skrull?” asked a fan, referring to Jarvis.

“Only after the PREGNANCY,” laughed Dan Slott.

Axel Alonso was asked about the refugees of NEW X-MEN, who the editor confirmed appear in DIVIDED WE STAND, and others in the pages of YOUNG X-MEN.

A fan asked, “Jason Aaron — why do you rock so hard? WHY? And will we see Vengeance in GHOST RIDER? WILL WE?”

“You will see a vestige of Vengeance in GHOST RIDER… maybe his motorcycle,” Aaron said.

CBR Staff Writer David Press contributed to this article.















































































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