NYCC | Mattel Debuts 'Superman' and 'Batman' Movie Figures

Mattel had a solid showing when it came to all new figure reveals at New York Comic Con. However, the ones that seemed to generate the most buzz weren't based on current comics, movies or television series, but instead classic ones from years past.

The toy giant unveiled 4-inch scale figures from Superman, Superman II, Batman and Batman Returns, all of which feature spot-on likenesses of the various actors. Check out the Christopher Reeve Superman, Terence Stamp Zod, Michael Keaton Batman, Danny DeVito Penguin and Michelle Pfeiffer Catwoman figures to see what we mean.

These films have all had action figure or doll tie-ins, but this batch not only features better likenesses than the previous offerings but also puts them in a scale that tends to be used for lines at Hasbro like G.I. Joe and Marvel Universe. Here's hoping that these are just the beginning and someone can convince Jack Nicholson to sign whatever needs to be signed so we can get a Joker figure based on his performance!

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