Marvel Announces Prequel Miniseries to Earth X Trilogy

At Marvel's Next Big Thing panel at New York Comic Con, Marvel announced an all-new prequel miniseries to the Earth X trilogy.

Marvels X, by Alex Ross, Jim Krueger and Velibor "Well-Bee" Stanojevic, will center on David, the last human on an Earth filled with deadly monsters. His only chance of survival is to travel to New York to find Captain America and the other heroes.

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Created by Krueger and John Paul Leon, based on concepts by Alex Ross, the 1999-2000 Earth X miniseries envisioned a dystopian future for the Marvel Universe in which all of humanity has developed superhuman abilities. It inspired two sequels, 2000's Universe X and 2002's Paradise X.


  • David has a problem. He lives in a world of monsters that would love to devour him. He’s the last boy on Earth. The last human being on Earth. And these creatures that see him only as prey, they’re his former neighbors. He has one hope: to get to New York. To get to where Captain America and the rest of the heroes are. Alex Ross and Jim Krueger combine their abilities with artist Well-Bee to tell a very uncanny prequel to the legendary EARTH X trilogy.

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