NYCC: Marvel's "Spider-Verse" Panel, "Spider-Gwen" and "Silk" Ongoings Announced

With this year's New York Comic Con nearly in the books, Marvel saved the "Spider-Verse" panel, centered on the highly touted November-debuting event featuring (almost) "Every Spider-Man Ever," for Sunday afternoon at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. On the panel, moderated by Marvel senior editor Nick Lowe: Dan Slott, "Amazing Spider-Man" artist Giuseppe Camuncoli, "Scarlet Spiders" writer Mike Costa, "Amazing Spider-Man" artist Humberto Ramos, editor Ellie Pyle, "Spider-Man 2099" writer Peter David, "Spider-Verse" anthology contributor (and "Supernatural" writer) Robbie Thompson and "Spider-Verse Team-Up" writer Christos Gage.

Lowe started the panel by praising the fans who waited through the previous panel in the room to make sure they were in attendance at this one -- calling it a "Superior Spider-Man"-esque approach. "You are the Doctor Octopus of fans."

Lowe gets the fans excited by announcing he came to the panel with advance copies of "Amazing Spider-Man" #8 and a freshly printed-out version of "Amazing Spider-Man" #9, the first official chapter of "Spider-Verse;" to give away to selected fans.

Turning to this past week's "Amazing Spider-Man" #7, Lowe described Slott as "normally a nice man" -- except for when he writes Spider-Man, citing that issue's death of "Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends." Lowe said it illustrates that no Spider-Man is safe in "Spider-Verse," which includes "Every Spider-Man Ever," "except for like seven that we couldn't legally use."

The current Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan, appears in "Amazing Spider-Man" #7 and #8, and Slott explained what motivated the character's inclusion: "Because it's my favorite book coming out at Marvel right now, and I love it so much."

"It's the closest thing to down-to-the-core Spider-Man," Slott said of the series. "She's a teenage superhero, juggling her life, making mistakes, trying to do everything right." "It was so much fun," Gage, who co-wrote the story, added. "She's young, she's excited to team up with Spider-Man."

Camuncoli illustrated the story, and also enjoyed depicting Ms. Marvel. "You can play with the character a lot, artistically."

MC2's Spider-Girl, Mayday Parker, is on the cover of "Amazing Spider-Man" #8. "She is a very big part of 'Spider-Verse,'" Lowe said. "She had a wonderful final story that gave her a happy ever after, and everything was so great," Slott said, before conspicuously trailing off -- clearly giving the implication that character is also not safe.

"I think I'm getting really good at killing people," Ramos said of drawing the story. "Did I say something I shouldn't?" "It is one of the most heart-wrenching, gut-wrenching stories you can read," Lowe added.

"Edge of Spider-Verse" #5, written by former My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way, is on sale this coming Wednesday. Lowe said the issue -- which features Penny Parker, "SP//dr" -- will also contain an alternate take on Daredevil.

Original series artist Rick Leonardi returns to "Spider-Man 2099" with next week's issue #5. "Basically, the plan is to guest star every other Spider-Man 2099 who's currently running around the Marvel Universe, and kill them all," David said. "What's going to be happening is Spider-Man is going to be encountering other versions of himself, and discovering that Morlun is after them." Issues #6 and #7 of the series will take place in 2099 (the series up to this point has been set in the present, with Miguel O'Hara in the contemporary timeline).

Lowe tells the crowd about recently introduced Spidey character Silk, who was bitten by the same spider as Peter Parker and is "a big part of Spider-Verse." Superior Spider-Man is on the cover of "Amazing Spider-Man" #10, and the image of the character got a loud, positive reaction from the audience.

Next up: "Spider-Woman," which debuts in November from the team of Dennis Hopeless and Greg Land. "It is a key part of 'Spider-Verse,'" Lowe said. "In 'Amazing Spider-Man' #10 [Spider-Woman and Silk] get sent on a mission," and the first three issues of "Spider-Woman" tell that story.

"One new book wasn't enough," Lowe said, leading to the announcement of a new "Silk" series starting in February 2015, from the team of Robbie Thompson and artist Stacey Lee, who joined the panel. The announcement gets loud cheers.

Thompson on his approach to "Silk": "I'm super-thrilled to be a part of the Marvel Universe, and specifically this character." Thompson complimented Slott and Ramos for creating a "fully formed" character in Silk, who is unique but has a distinct place in the Marvel Universe.

"I have always wanted to draw something Spider-Man," Lee said. Thompson said the series will chronicle Cindy Moon's life "from bite to bunker."

Lowe made it official: "Spider-Gwen" #1, a new ongoing series featuring the Gwen Stacy version of Spider-Man from "Edge of Spider-Verse" #2, will launch in February 2015 with the creative team of Jason Latour and Robbi Rodriguez.

Latour said the series will detail what happens to Gwen Stacy's personal life as she adjusts to life as a costumed hero. "For her father, he didn't quite give her the great power equals great responsibility speech, but he essentially gave that speech, and now he has to be put to the test," Latour said. "Both of those characters will challenge each other's assertions. The writer also said "the Mary Janes are still around," the band from the story.

"I wanted something very modern, and get in the head space of what Gwen would do if she was in this superhero world," Rodriguez said of the costume's popular design.

Slott praised the work of Latour and Rodriguez, saying the description of the character going into the "Edge of Spider-Verse" #2 story was only "a Gwen Stacy who is Spider-Man," and the creators really ran with the concept. Slott said it was one of the best single issues he's read this year.

David expanded more on the year 2099-set issues of "Spider-Man 2099," #6 and #7, which will feature Tyler Stone reacting to Miguel O'Hara's reappearance in that timeline. "By his perspective, Spider-Man is gone, but he only left about 15 minutes ago," David said. "Then he comes back, and he's like, 'What the hell? We just got rid of him!'"

Costa talked "Scarlet Spiders," which, like the new "Spider-Woman" series, sees the main characters going on a "Spider-Verse"-related mission. The book stars Ultimate Jessica Drew, the Black Widow; Kane, the Scarlet Spider in the current Marvel Universe; and Ben Reilly, the original Scarlet Spider -- "who in his mind is actually Spider-Man," Costa said. All three are clones in their own way, and they "go on a mission that is very clone-related, and that's all I can say about that."

Moving to the "Spider-Verse Team-Up" miniseries, where each issue has one story written by Gage and another by a different guest writer. Gage said it is personally a thrill for him to see his name on a cover with Roger Stern, one of his writing heroes. One story in "Spider-Verse Team-Up" sees Miles Morales and the Spidey from the current "Ultimate Spider-Man" cartoon teaming up to rescue Spider-Man from the 1960s cartoon.

The "Spider-Verse" anthology will include contributions from Skottie Young (returning to the manga Spider-Man) and Katie Cook (with a story starring Penelope Parker, an 11-year-old Spider-Man just discovering her powers, which she finds "gross").

Lowe and Pyle quickly discussed forthcoming event tie-in series "AXIS: Hobgoblin" and "AXIS: Carnage." With time running short, the December-debuting "Spider-Man and the X-Men" was also briefly mentioned, which sees Spidey pitching in for Wolverine at the Jean Grey School.

Pyle on the near future of "Daredevil": "For all of you who don't like happy Daredevil, you're in for a treat."

In the upcoming "Amazing Spider-Man Annual," illustrator and animator Cale Atkinson will contribute a story titled "Amazing Aunt May."

In a quick Q&A session, Slott told a fan that "Spider-Verse" and the current "Avengers" and "New Avengers" stories leading to "Secret Wars" are connected in that "the dimensions breaking down" helped empower Morlun's plan.

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