NYCC: Marvel's Brisson, Rosenberg & More Tease the X-Men's Uncanny Future


Sunday at New York Comic Con, editor Jordan White discussed what's in store for Marvel's Merry Mutants during the Marvel Comics: X-Men Panel. Joining him on stage were Ed Brisson (Dead Man Logan, Uncanny X-Men), Sina Grace (Iceman), Matthew Rosenberg (Uncanny X-Men), Zac Thompson and Lonnie Nadler (Cable), and Leah Williams (X-Men Black).

"I don't see [Emma Frost] as a villain," Willaims said in regards to X-Men Black: Emma Frost to kick things off. "I think she's an anti-hero, but I'd definitely put her more on the heroic side. Time and time again, we've seen her do heroic things, like mentoring Jean. She's grown so, so much, and she has an incredible backstory."

White showed off the cover art for some of the other X-Men Black oneshots before transitioning to Uncanny X-Men.

"It's the culmination of a lot of what's been going on with the X-Men for a while," Rosenberg said. "This is a threat that comes from very close to the X-Men and it brings everyone together." He also added that Uncanny won't definitively answer who the new X-Men team is.

"There's a couple people in the book you haven't seen too much of lately," Rosenberg continued, as white showed off some interior art from Issue #1 and cover art for Issues #2, 3 and 4.

Brisson then revealed that Magneto, Blob, Angel and Omega Red, who're on the cover of Issue #4, are the Four Horsemen of Salvation.

White then announced Uncanny X-Men Annual #1, by Brisson and Carlos Gomez, which is arriving in January. The cover art featured countless versions of Cyclops, and White teased that the solicit for the issue is, "Cyclops -- dead or alive?"

Regarding Astonishing X-Men #17, Rosenberg said, "Havoc may be slipping back toward being a villain. It's a moment of truth for him."

Next up, White turned things over to Brisson to discuss X-Force.

"At the end of Extermination, the X-Men have some unanswered questions for Kid Cable," Brisson said. "So X-Force is hunting down Kid Cable cause they need answeres. Meanwhile, it looks like Kid Cable and Deathlok are working with some anti-mutant terrorists. We're gonna see some really cool X-Force villains from the past, some new spins on characters. Lots of double-crosses, it's gonna be lot's of fun."

Brisson went on to discuss Dead Man Logan, saying, "It's sort of Logan's final journey. He knows his time's limited so it's time for him to wrap up any loose ends. One thing he's never dealt with is Mysterio's still out there."

White segued to Return of Wolverine and invited a fan on-stage to read a copy of Issue #2 while showing the rest of the fans some of the interior art.

He also brought up the Wolverine: The Long Night series, by Benjamin Percy and Marcio Takara, based on the podcast of the same name, and showed some of Takara's uncolored interior pages.

Next, Williams discussed What If? Magik, saying, "The question for this book is, what is [Magik] didn't join the New Mutants after she escaped Hell?"

Speaking about Iceman, Grace teased the dynamic between Bobby Drake and Emma Frost and also hinted at "a really great Admiral Ackbar joke" that apparently didn't make the cut.

"It's a really good arc," he continued. "It's really Claremont-y. I plant something here; two issues later, it comes back. No one can guess just how wild this arc ends."

The final tease was for Age of X-Man: Alpha #1. "We're bringing Nate Grey back in a big way," Nadler said.

During the Q&A, a fan asked if Uncanny X-Men was designed to capture the magic of Avengers: No Surrender, another weekly title.

"We did learn it was really well received, and we want to do something similar," White said.

Another fan asked if the Exiles or Blink might appear in Uncanny.

"There are currently no plans," White said. "But I do love the Exiles, I love those characters."

A fan then asked where new readers should start with X-Men.

"I think the Warren Ellis stuff is really great," Nadler said. "X-Men: Grand Design," Grace added.

"I would tailor it to whoever's asking," Williams said. "It used to be Grant Morrison's New X-Men run, followed by Joss Whedon's run. Now, I'd also say X-Men: Grand Design."

The next fan in line asked if the X-Men books are going to have a larger budget as a result of the Disney/Fox deal.

"Well, I can't really speak about the merger," White said. "But, we're just gonna try to make the best books we can."

Another fan asked if there were plans to team the X-Men and the Fantastic Four.

"I don't think we currently have any plans for that," White said. "That being said, with the FF being back, there's always a chance of Marvel heroes running into each other."

The next question was if there was any hope for the Academy X-Kids to become full-fledged X-Men.

"The problem is, you keep adding all these new generations and I don't want the original X-Men to be like 50 years old," White said. "We do love those characters, though."

Another fan asked the status of Sunspot.

"Sunspot won't be, as of right now, in X-Force," Brisson said. "He didn't fit in the story we're trying to tell."

"He does feature in a big way in a story we haven't announced yet," White added. "That's all I can tell you right now.


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