NYCC: True Believers: Take a Peek Behind the Curtain of the Marvel Universe

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Saturday evening at New York Comic Con came to a close with Ryan Penagos, Al Ewing, Daniel Kibblesmith,  Kyle Higgins and Dennis Hopeless offering an intimate look inside the Marvel Universe during the Marvel: True Believers Panel.

"Quite a while ago, now, Mark and Jim and I were trapped in a room and beaten with a pole," Ewing joked, alluding to how Avengers: No Road Home came to be. He also mentioned that Voyager would be returning and that Rocket Raccoon will be an Avenger. Additionally, Ewing noted that the character of the cover of issue #2 is the Greek personification of Night, and the character on the cover of #3 is called Nightmare.

Regarding Immortal Hulk, Ewing dished on the big Hulk vs. Avengers fight in the upcoming seventh issue, as well as a long-awaited confrontation between Hulk and She-Hulk.

Next up, Ewing announced "Hulk in Hell," which kicks off in Issue #11 in January.

"You don't really need me to say anything, do you? It's the Hulk, in Hell!" Ewing said. The accompanying cover art features a malnourished Green Goliath climbing out of a fiery pit.

Higgins then spoke about his upcoming Winter Soldier series, noting that he "always pointed to the Winter Soldier as what a sidekick should be."

"I feel like the redemption story's been done," he continued. "Basically, we turn Bucky Barnes into an AA sponsor for people trying to stop being evil."

Penagos turned things back over to Ewing to talk about Infinity Wars: Iron Hammer.

"You'll notice the Warrior Machines Three," Ewing said in reference to some interior art for Issue #2.

Turning the discussion to the Immortal Hulk oneshot leading up to The Defenders, Ewing said it's "Bruce Banner solving the murder of Doctor Strange. But it's during the daytime." He added that everything comes together in the Silver Surfer issue.

Kibblesmith was up next to talk about Black Panther vs. Deadpool.

"We're kinda looking at [Deadpool] like Bugs Bunny," he said. "But a Bugs Bunny who might pull out a gun at any second."

Penagos then brought up the Marvel Digital Originals line, revealing never-before-seen art from the Daughters of the Dragon series coming in February 2019.

Next, Penagos announced Cloak and Dagger: Negative Exposure, by Hopeless, Francesco Manna and Ruairi Coleman, coming in November. The story will focus largely on the dark dimension and it will feature Mr. Negative.

Regarding "The Death of Daredevil," Penagos revealed some interior art and then announced The Man Without Fear, coming in January from Jed MacKay and Danilo S. Beyruth, which will focus on the aftermath of Daredevil's death and will be released weekly. This was followed by some clips from the upcoming third season of Daredevil on Netflix, including one of Matt having his wounds treated by his mother, aka Sister Maggie, one of a still incarcerated Wilson Fisk being interrogated by a special agent, and one of Daredevil fighting Melvin Potter. The pair is interrupted by a SWAT team raid, though.

"It's maybe my favorite thing we've done on television," Penagos said about the season.

During the Q&A, a fan asked Higgins if his run would deal with the mysterious letter from Tales of Suspense.

"It's not," Higgins said. "He does have a friend helping him out. It's cool if you think Sharon Carter is cool."

Another fan asked if "Hulk in Hell" would explain how Hulk is able to actually die.

"We are gonna be explaining that," Ewing said. "'Hulk in Hell,' part of what I want to do is explain some stuff."

A fan then asked if Ewing had any plans involving the Defenders and the Ultimates.

"Well, no, but one thing I didn't say about Avengers: No Road Home is that one of the Avengers is Spectrum," Ewing said.

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