NYCC: Marvel Teases Fate of FF, "No More Mutants"

With longstanding reports that they will be canceling foundational comic series "The Fantastic Four" next year, Marvel Comics released its first hint of confirmation with a cryptic promotional teaser at New York Comic Con.

ComicBook.com was on the scene at a retailer presentation where Marvel showed images both for "The End Is FOURever" - a stylized title tied to the supposedly final FF trade paperback - and something related to the infamous "No More Mutants" phrase featuring soon-to-be movie stars Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch.

"No More Mutants" was the phrase uttered by Scarlet Witch at the end of 2005's "House of M" event which threw the entire mutant world into upheaval for the better part of the past decade. Whatever this follow up project is, it's slated for January.

As for the #1 floating behind the Fantastic Four title, it's wide open as to whether that denotes a multi-part story to send off Stan Lee and Jack Kirby's iconic creation.

Stay tuned to CBR News for more from NYCC, and for highlights of the panel, see ComicBook.com.

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