NYCC: Marvel's Nick Spencer & Saladin Ahmed Lay Down the Future of Spider-Man

Friday evening at New York Comic Con, writers Nick Spencer (The Amazing Spider-Man) and Saladin Ahmed (Miles Morales: Spider-Man), Seanan McGuire (Spider-Gwen: Ghost Spider), Priest (Spider-Force) and assistant editor Kathleen Wisneski took to the stage at the Marvel Comics: Spider-Man Panel to discuss what's in store from both of Marvel's resident web-slingers.

"Peter Parker has a new roommate, the supervillain called Boomerang," Spencer said. "He's broke, so Boomerang convinces Peter to go to the bar with no name to play Spider-Man trivia night, which all goes wrong. I love writing him and Pete together so much."

"Do we have any Black Cat fans?" Spencer then asked, alluding to the plot of the arc kicking off in Amazing Spider-Man #8. "It's got some new villains, and it's at the heart of it, about Peter and Black Cat."

As for MJ, Spencer confirmed that she would be "[running] into a familiar face," as well.

Next up, the attention shifted to Spider-Geddon, and executive editor Nick Lowe screened a trailer for the event, confirming the PS4 Spider-Man's introduction into the comics. It was also confirmed that Peter Parker will take the backseat, with Miles Morales front and center.

McGuire then discussed the upcoming Spider-Gwen: Ghost Spider series, noting that "Gwen basically gets taken off the board for a while."

"There are a lot of exploding season fruits," McGuire joked about the series. "She's in a world she's never seen before, and she's gonna have to dodge a lot of pumpkin bombs if she wants to make it."

Lowe showed off some cover art for the various upcoming Spider-Geddon tie-in issues, including Spider-Force #1, which received a massive round of applause.

Priest then went on to recount his first meeting with previous Spider-Man writer Dan Slott, joking about how Dan explained to him all 10 years of his run on the title over the course of dinner.

"There's a Spider-Kid that I'm very proud of," Priest said, referring to one of the new characters he created for Spider-Force. "He's like Damian Wayne with web-shooters. Then, there's Astro-Spider."

Lowe then steered the discussion to The Superior Spider-Man, showing off some of Mike Hawthorne's uncolored art depicting Spidey fighting Stilt-Man.

Ahmed then discussed his upcoming Miles Morales series.

"Miles is back in school, back in Brooklyn," he said. "He's at the start of a new school year as the series starts. And he's keeping a journal that he's possibly ill-advisingly keeping more secrets in that he should. Without giving too much away, I'm a fan of the villain-hero team-up, so maybe everything isn't what it seems between him and the Rhyno." He also noted that Miles' uncle Aaron Davis will be "back in a big way."

"It's kind of Miles back to basics," he added, as Lowe showed off some of Javier Garron's interior art.

Looking forward, Lowe announced The Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, by Tom Taylor and Juann Cabal, coming in January.

"It's about him in his neighborhood," Lowe said. "It's a story that starts small, then gets really big."

During the Q&A, a fan asked about Teresa possibly factoring into Spencer's run.

"It's definitely something I'd like to explore," Spencer said. "You never know, it might come up."

Another fan asked if anything was going to be done about the poor shape of Peter's life.

"Yeah, something's gonna be done," Spencer said. "It's gonna get worse. It's gonna get a whole lot worse. This is the job when it's Spider-Man. There's always new adversity. But yeah, he's unemployed. This is a real thing. You're supposed to feel bad for him."

The next question was if fans should be concerned about Ben Reilly.

"Yes," Lowe said. "You should be concerned. Things are looking bleak for him. He's got some things coming up in Spider-Geddon."

Another fan dressed as Spider-Man asked if Spencer would ever add him to a comic book, and Spencer jokingly replied that he'd try to make it happen.

Then, a fan asked who the panelists' favorite alternate Spider-Man characters are. Lowe said Spider-Ham, Spencer said Spider-Man 2099, Kathleen said Spider-Ham, McGuire said Spider-Gwen, Ahmed said Spiders-Man and Priest also said Spider-Mam.

A fan then expressed her dissatisfaction with the death of Flash Thompson, but Spencer said there aren't any plans to bring him back any time soon.

A fan dressed as Captain America thanked Spencer and company for everything they've done. Spencer, in turn, apologized to "Captain America" in reference to Secret Empire.


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