NYCC: Marvel Releases Full-Size Epic Alex Ross "Secret Wars" Image

Once "Time Runs Out," "Avengers" architect Jonathan Hickman is prepared to wage war -- "Secret Wars" that is.

Joined by artist Esad Ribic, Hickman's universe-ending event will be followed by a multiversal-crossover featuring characters from the 616, Ultimate, Spider-Girl and more of Marvel Comics' universes locked in battle.

"We've been sitting on this for a very long time," said Dan Buckley, Marvel's President & Publisher of print, TV and digital, during the company's Thursday night event at Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. in Times Square. "When Jonathan brought this to us, we had an opportunity to just not celebrate this in publishing, so we're going to be extending this in a year-long program into 2016 with our merchandising partners, digital partners and other partners."

Last night, Marvel released a small version of Alex Ross' epic depiction of the coming battle, and this morning a larger version has been made available, allowing fans to really drill down and pore over every match-up and face-off depicted.

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