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Marvel Comics' Marvel Legacy initiative has kicked off, and editor Nick Lowe, editor Mark Basso, writer Ed Brisson, writer Gerry Duggan, artist Javier Garrón, artist Erica Henderson, writer Matthew Rosenberg, writer Rainbow Rowell and writer Charles Soule stopped by New York Comic Con to discuss what that means for the future of their comics.

Lowe asked Brisson what X-Men villain Sabretooth is doing in Iron Fist. "He debuted in initially in Iron Fist," Brisson explained. "Iron Fist and Sabretooth have a longstanding beef... they have to work together, and it's super awkward... Sabretooth does not forget. He hold grudges... they've got to somehow get past it together." Ultimately, they will have to save Kun L'un together.

Asked what he was doing in Daredevil, Soule said, "I gave the city away. I gave it away to Mayor Wilson Fisk," he revealed. "The idea of this came from the idea that Daredevil and Wilson Fisk both love New York very much. They just have very, very different ideas... What would be a bigger thing than Wilson Fisk having all the power of the mayor's office?"

Fisk has got "everything he need to make Daredevil's life hell... The premise of this is that the Kingpin is not just the Kingpin. He's the King."

Daredevil #600 will be "a massive story," which Soule hopes is something that has never been done with the characters before.

In Punisher, Rosenberg will give Frank Castle the War Machine Armor. "He is going to take the War Machine armor while no one is using it," since James "Rhodey" Rhodes has died. "We give him a nuclear weapon and send him off to war... In a lot of ways, I think the book is taking what Frank is and accelerating it."

Punisher: The Platoon by Garth Ennis and Goran Parlov will follow "Frank Castle's first tour of Vietnam," Lowe explained. "You'll recognize one of the characters... if you've read the MAX comics before... a young woman named Li. She causes some new problems for Frank and his platoon."

Garrón also spoke about Secret Warriors. "The Inhumans group of characters... they are in a unique position. So dramatic!" he shared. "We have people who don't seem to fit... The thing is, they work together as a team because they face something as a team that is greater than anything that is anything they faced as individuals... Things are not as simple as it seems." As such, the team will start to "fall apart."

However, he promises the book will have "humor." "It has a little bit of everything. It has action. It has humor... It doesn't feel forced. It comes out natural. It all comes from Inhumans vs. X-Men," he explained. "Everything continues to evolve in the second arc." The second arc will be a "direct consequence" of the first arc.

"They're look for a cure for this in a certain way... a cure for the death of their people," Rosenberg pitched in and revealed that Mister Sinister will appear in the series. "So we added someone to the roster who's a little more used to going up against Mister Sinister," he added, revealing that Magick will appear in the story.

"When Nick [Lowe] and I started talking a few years ago, I was desperate to bring Runaways back," Rowell shared. "It's about these kids who are thrust together when they realize their parents are super villains."

In the first arc of the new series, Rowell will give the characters the choice to decide whether or not they want to be Runaways. "All of the characters that you remember... which is difficult, because some of them are dead... we kind of get them back together," she explained. "[Kris Anka's] artwork is stunning... His character designs tell so much."

"We're going to space!" Henderson said of Unbeatable Squirrel Girl. The character will run into Galactus again, who is looking for "all the money" from the planets he visits.

Duggan spoke about his run on Guardians of the Galaxy. "In Legacy, we started a lot of fires... Gamora is a quest for the Soul Stone," Duggan said. There are other people questing for Stones now... In Legacy, the Nova Corps has been sabotaged from within." A former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, who became a Nova Corps member, will reach out to the Guardians for help.

In Guardians, the Nova Corps will have a new headquarters. "They are mining an asteroid and selling off the pieces to pay for being the Nova Corps," Duggan explained.

Ant-Man Scott Lang, a new member of the team, will find a personal reason to stay on the team in the upcoming arc.

Duggan revealed that Adam Warlock won't be the only character coming back in Guardians of the Galaxy. "The Adam Warlock is a thing I think we haven't seen before. It introduces a new wrinkle to the Stone quest," he said.

He also touched on his Deadpool run, which will explore the consequences of Secret Empire. "In this particular moment, that's when Strife comes calling, and he owes four names," he explained. "We've done some really awful things to Wade, and this feels like some of the worst stuff."

Lowe announced a new series titled Weapon H, which will arrive in March 2018. "It is the most eight-year-old idea... and I love it," he shared.

As to the Runaways show and her current comic about the characters, Rowell said, "We kind of just keep them separate. Do what you need to do. I was writing inside comics continuity... I believe the show is an origin story. We were able to keep those universes separate... I wrote it so that you could come on board... I don't know if you've ever read fan fiction. Something that fan fiction has taught me is that we can recognize the soul of a character in many different ways." She hopes that both versions of the characters will resonate with fans.

Lowe also addressed the Fantastic Four's absence. "They're in the multiverse, cataloging," he said. "They're very busy!"

When a fan asked after Beta Ray Bill, Lowe said that the name had come up at the last Marvel summit. "You will see Bill in the pages of Guardians," Duggan added.

When a fan asked about Black Widow and her recent death, Rosenberg said, "There's a book coming up that's coming up in December, called Tales of Suspense... and that is the story of people are dying, people that the Black Widow didn't like, and they're dying in Widow-esque ways." He revealed that Hawkeye and Bucky will investigate these murders, even though they don't get along, because they believe she could still be alive.

The Marvel Legacy initiative kicked off September 27 with Marvel Legacy #1, a 50-page one-shot from writer Jason Aaron and artist Esad Ribic that told the “startling origin of the Marvel Universe” and underscored how “it’s all connected."

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