NYCC: Marvel Announces "Captain Marvel" Young Adult Novel

While comics may be one of the hottest areas of pop culture media, they're not the only one capturing the attention of the teens of America. Now, Marvel Comics is counting on the popular Young Adult novel category to bring more young women to one of its premier properties.

Marvel CCO Joe Quesada announced at New York Comic Con that Marvel will publish a "Captain Marvel" young adult novel from Shannon Hale & Dean Hale.

"We're very excited about this, because of the top level talent that we're able to bring on," Editor Sana Amanat said. "We really believe that there's an alignment between what we do and the great Young Adult landscape out there." Amanat said Shannon Hale will bring a new voice to Captain Marvel that fans will be happy about.

Details are scarce on when exactly the story will take place in Carol Danvers' chronology as most YA focuses on the direct experience of teen characters. But this is only the latest example of Marvel's expanding prose line which has previously included adaptations of storylines like "Civil War" and stories of heroes like "She-Hulk."

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