Marvel Animation Turns Gamora Into a Princess & More in Special Presentation

Marvel Animation brought Avengers: Black Panther's QuestGuardians of the Galaxy and more to New York Comic Con for a slew of special previews and announcements. Led by Marvel Animation SVP Cort Lane, the panel offered an inside look at Black Panther's Quest with T'Challa himself James Mathis III, a brand new clip from the Guardians of the Galaxy series, the announcement of a LEGO Marvel Spider-Man special and more.

Asked to describe his character, Mathis said, "T'Challa is the king of kings, if you ask me. It's been an amazing experience... I appreciate his commitment to his family. I love that he is a very well-rounded man. He is very sharp intellectually. He likes to fight with his sister."

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According to Mathis, T'Challa and Shuri have a fairly standard sibling relationship on the series. "She thinks she's king. She is very, very, very smart. It's much in the way that all siblings try to one-up each other," he shared.

"At episode 13, the show takes a shocking turn," Lane teased. "Some amazing things happen and some horrible things happen and then Black Panther goes on a quest where he gets to meet Black Panthers from the past." In fact, one of the first ancestors T'Challa meets will be the Black Panther at the time of World War II. This lays the groundwork for Arnim Zola, as voiced by Mark Hamill, to appear.

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"He's searching for the king within and, to do that, he is conjuring up his ancestors. We dive into the family tree that exists between him and Shuri and their brother Hunter," Mathis explained.

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