NYCC: Spider-Man Spectacular Panel Dives Into All Things Spidey

As one of Marvel's flagship characters, Spider-Man has remained a key character in the publisher's stable. In November, Marvel will return to 2099 and Miguel O'Hara, the Spider-Man of that future. However, the publisher also has a number of other books based on characters from Spider-Man's mythology running, including Ghost-SpiderAmazing Mary Jane and Miles Morales: Spider-Man. At New York Comic Con, This Week in Marvel's Ryan Penagos and Lorraine Clink hosted writers Frank Tieri, Seanan McGuire, Leah Williams and Nick Lowe for a panel discussing the future of their various series and Spider-Man characters.

After introducing Frank Tieri, Nick Lowe, Seanan and Leah, Marvel's Spider-Man: The Black Cat Strikes #1 by Dennis "Hopeless" Hallum and Luca Maresca was revealed. The comic is set for January 2020 and has a cover from Sana Takeda. The comic is in-canon with the Marvel's Spider-Man PS4 game.

Penagos revealed a Spider-Man: Far From Home care package with a Night Monkey t-shirt in the style of Steve Ditko. The package was given to those able to do well at questions, trivia J. Jonah Jameson impression.

The panel then turned to Spider-Man: 2099, which Lowe described as "the future of the Marvel Universe." He explained that Matthew Rosenberg was integral at one of the Marvel creative summits, reminding people 80 years from 2019 is 2099. Nick Spencer "seized upon that and talked to Matt." C0vers f0r Amazing Spider-Man #32 through #34 were shown. Art from unlettered pages of Amazing Spider-Man #32 by Patrick Gleason were shown.

Asked about getting her own book, Williams explained that Mary Jane deserves her own book, as she still has a lot of fight in her in a world filled with the supernatural. "I love the opportunity to show what she can accomplish when left to her own devices," Williams said. Mary Jane will have a chance to star in a biopic by an up-and-coming director. However, things turn out to not be how it was pitched to her over the phone. She stays on, as she believes in the picture.

Amazing Mary Jane will be concurrent with the events of Amazing Spider-Man. The book will look at Peter Parker and Mary Jane's long-distance relationship, Williams explained. Lowe added that the books will "weave in and out of each other." The series will affect each other "in a way we haven't seen in awhile," Lowe added.

The discussion then moved to Ghost-Spider. When asked about Jackal being part of Gwen's story in Earth-616, McGuire teased the two different versions of the characters not getting along.

McGuire joked having to move between the two Earths made work for her colorist really hard, as the two worlds use different palettes. She said the lack of a cell phone is straining her relationship with MJ, and that her relationships with people are strained due to being from a different Earth. Although McGuire was asked about future friends for Gwen, she could not provide details at this time.

Frank Tieri was asked about The Ruins of Ravencroft, which was announced earlier today. Tieri teased that there is "a Ravencroft that predates the one we burned down." The earlier version will have connections to a lot of different characters in the Marvel Universe that were previously unknown. Tieri said the book is going to be creepy. Lowe added that the book will "open up all kinds of doors we've never seen before" in looking at Ravencroft through Marvel history.

The Carnage one-shot will take place in the 1600s, while the Sabretooth will be in the 1900s. The Dracula installment will take place during World War II.

Lowe summarized each Spider-Man 2099 in one sentence. "The future is in danger, but who can save it," he asked for 2099 Alpha #1 and 2099 Omega #1. For Fantastic Four he said, "In a future with no heroes, who are these four crazy people?" He continued to give humorous single sentences for the remaining installments in the series.

The panelists were asked about the 2099 versions of themselves. Lowe said he would have three jetpacks, which he may or may not wear at the same time. Frank Tieri 2099 "would not be on this weird ass panel," he said. "I'll be like a head in a jar or something."

McGuire said she'd be an eco-terrorist getting revenge on behalf of the animals humans allowed to go extinct. Williams would give up her human body and "become a sentient cloud of cosmic gas." McGuire remarked they could still be friends in that future.

The panel then moved to a Q&A portion, though participants had the option of answering trivia questions for prizes.

Asked about the possibility of bringing back a Marvel Team-Up with Spider-Man, Lowe talked a bit about the recent series focused on Ms. Marvel. Although he didn't confirm or deny any plans, he said Marvel is never too far from releasing a new Spider-Man team-up series. Many of the remaining questions pertained to facts and histories surrounding various characters and the possibility of Ghost-Spider in 2099, which was neither confirmed nor denied, though a variant cover was mentioned.

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