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NYCC LIVE! Marvel’s True Believers Panel with Slott, Spencer & More

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NYCC LIVE! Marvel’s True Believers Panel with Slott, Spencer & More

For New York Comic Con, Marvel gathered an exclusive group of fans — Marvel Unlimited Plus members and Marvel MasterCard holders — for a special “True Believers” panel, promising a closer look inside the Marvel Universe, free stuff, sneak peeks of upcoming comics and more.

Panelists include moderator and Executive Editor of Digital Ryan Penagos, Dan Slott, Peter David, Robbie Thompson and Nick Spencer.

The presentation kicked off with a discussion about “Spider-Man: The Clone Conspiracy” #1. Slott teased the event, saying, “Using Miles Warren’s Jackal technology we’re bringing people back…and when they come back they bring with them the feels — all the feels!” Pages were then shown from the second issue, in addition to pages with a classic Doctor Octopus from “The Amazing Spider-Man” #20.

After a cover with Carrion from “Amazing Spider-Man” #21 was shown, Slott explained that Carrion is resurrected characters gone wrong. In exclusively shown pages from “Amazing Spider-Man” #21, it’s revealed that Kane will be one of the classic Spider-Man characters making a comeback for “The Clone Conspiracy.”

The discussion turned to the new “Spider-Man” cartoon, coming in 2017. “It’s a whole new Spider-Man cartoon, it’s going to focus on a young…coming-ish age Peter Parker….since they’ve used everything up they have no choice but to base a lot of this after my [work],” Slott Joked.

A clip was then shown from the series, which was screened at yesterday’s Marvel Animation panel.

A title card, indicating that the show will be simply called “Marvel’s Spider-Man” was the first thing to come on screen. It then cut to a scene where a young Peter Parker — dressed in an early version of the Spider-suit, much like the one Tobey Maguire wears at the beginning of the first “Spider-Man” film — takes on some thugs that are attacking police officers with guns that shoot lasers. Unfortunately, Peter has some issues adapting to superhero life, and accidentally lands on the roof of a nearby building accompanied by a nasty old lady and her pigeons.

A flashback was then shown that depicted a sentimental moment with Peter and Uncle Ben. Inspired by his memory of Ben, Peter musters the courage to track down the thugs in a high-speed car chase through the streets of New York. At the end of the video, it’s revealed that the Vulture was behind the villainy, as he corners Spider-Man and attacks him with a sonic screech.

Slott revealed that the early Spidey suit in the episode is actually the same costume we got a peek at in “Captain America: Civil War.”

Pages were then shown from “Silver Surfer” #7, which sees the Silver Surfer go to a dimension solely for gambling. Slott said in “Silver Surfer” #8 we’ll find out there’s a “fourth member of the team you’ve never noticed,” because he’s too tiny to see. The character’s name is “Tiny Harold.” That’ll be explored in a storyline called, “Tall Tales of Tiny Harold.”

Turning the discussion to “Champions,” Penagos teased that issue two will depict how Cyclops joins the team — unveiling some pages from the issue.

Peter David then teased “Spider-Man 2099” #17, which has Spider-Man start a major fight with “The Fist,” the organization that caused 2099 to be the way it is, and he’ll have his first head-to-head with the group in Chicago. There, he’ll run into Elektra, in addition to Captain America 2099, who will be making her return.

“The first time that Marvel released photos of Captain America 2099, reactions were split right down the gender line.” He noted how male fans complained and female fans proclaimed, “I love this character!” The cover for issue 18 was shown with a new villainess that David is creating for the series. He said she’s responsible for turning the characters into zombies in the arc.

A video was then screened for Netflix’s “Iron Fist” — the clip from yesterday’s panel for the series. The clip has Finn Jones’ Danny Rand unleash some Kung Fu action in what appears to be a hotel hallway, as Danny tries to stop Joy from being kidnapped.

Moving on to “Silk,” Thompson teased the cover for issue 14, saying there’s a big game-changer in issue 13, as she ends up going on “a West Coast adventure.”

Also written by Thompson, issue #12 of “Spidey” was teased, as the series “comes to a close in a spectacular way” with members of the Sinister Six unleashing an assault on the young Peter Parker.

Lastly from Thompson, “Doctor Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme” #1 was teased — which releases on October 26 — with pages from the inaugural issue. They boast plenty of mystical action, fitting for the Sorcerer Supreme. Thompson describes it as a “team-up…that definitely spins out of [Jason Aaron and Chris Bachalo’s “Doctor Strange” title].”

Spencer’s work was discussed next. He discussed the upcoming “Captain America: Sam Wilson” #TakeBackTheShield arc that kicks off in issue 14 after the U.S.Agent storyline. A cover was also shown for issue 15 of the series as Misty Knight take on Captain America’s shield.

Moving on to “Captain America: Steve Rogers,” Spencer recapped a bit of the storyline thus far — which sees Steve Rogers become an Agent of HYDRA — and touted the “Civil War II” tie-in, which reveals that Steve was behind a lot of the events of the crossover. Discussing issue 7 of the series, Spencer said it will see Steve’s plan “come into fruition.”

Penagos then unveiled yet another clip from “Iron Fist” — teasing (and warning) it’s even higher level of violence. It revealed some street fighting between the series’ Colleen Wing and a couple random, muscular thugs within the confines of a cage.

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