NYCC: Live From 'The X-Files' Panel With David Duchovny And Chris Carter

The truth is out there! And we're bringing it to you live from New York Comic Con. It's been 13 years since "The X-Files" TV series finale, and seven years since the film "The X-Files - I Want To Believe" hit theaters. And finally, finally fans of Fox Mulder and Dana Scully will see the odd couple agents return! At today's NYCC panel, not only will David Duchovny and "X-Files" creator Chris Carter be answering questions, but X-philes present will get to witness "My Struggle," the first episode of the upcoming "X-files" mini-series!

We'll be bringing you updates. So refresh the page to see the latest. Though there'll be radio silence during the actual screening, we've got interviews with Duchovny as well as a review of the premiere ep coming your way later this week.

And here we go...

As the crowd files in, a DJ is blasting pulse-pounding jams like a "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" remix and lots of '90s hip-hop. T-shirts are being chucked into the crowd at rowdy fans, adding to the rock concert vibe. To a prompt from the opening MC, "X-Files fans make some noise!" The audience that has filled the Main Stage arena screams so loud you know some are going home hoarse! Then in comes the theme music. More screams.

"The X-Files" panel MC is Indoor Kid and "Silicon Valley" star Kumail Nanjiani.

New York Comic Con. Come watch 1st ep of season 10 @thexfiles at 1:15 & hear me talk with Chris Carter @davidduchovny @MitchPileggi1 after!

— Kumail Nanjiani (@kumailn) October 10, 2015

"We're going to see the US premiere of the first episode of the new season! Months before your friends will!" Nanjiani announces to an elated crowd. "There are dudes walking around with night visions goggles, I'm not joking," he adds, explaining that recording of the episode itself will not be accepted.

"Let's watch X-Files!" He says, introducing a video of Gillian Anderson with British accent apologizing for not being here. "Have the most delicious time!"she declares before signing off.

We're back! And joining us is Mitch Pileggi (A.K.A. Walter Skinner)!

So no spoilers on what we've just seen, but X-philes will lose their minds. The truth is out there, and it's not what you expected.

"I think (Mulder and Skinner) is the great unrequited romance of the show," Nanjiani  jests, when Duchovny ignores a question on how Mulder and Scully's relationship has changed.

"It was the perfect time to tell "X-Files" stories again," says Carter of how he's bringing more modern conspiracy theories and contemporary concerns into the fray of the show.

"I look at Chris's writing and it just happened," Pileggi says of getting into the skin of Skinner, "The character is very very similar to my father. He worked at the Department of Defense...and I watched him. I didn't really realize it until my brothers and sisters and mother watched the show, and they said, 'It's Dad.' And I looked at that and realized it is my dad. He gave me a wonderful wonderful character."

On the explosive season opener we just saw--which includes an alien spaceship crash in the opening before going into a lot of other big moments--Carter says that they knew they had to go big. Duchovny said to him during preproduction, "'I think we got to come out and punch 'em in the mouth.' Yeah, We knew we needed to be bold and make a statement."

Asked about why Scully and Mulder have apparently broken up by season 10,  Carter responds, "This is when the sniper gets me. They're not living under the same roof. And that was a concius thing. And we wanted to be true to the passage of time. And they've had a difficult time. That's where they are. "

Do they believe in aliens? "I'm a believer, I absolutely believe in extraterrestrial life," Pileggi  says to cheers. Duchovny dogdes with a Justin Beiber joke, "I'm a beleiber." Carter answers with a catchphrase, "I want to believe."

Carter is getting pushback about Mulder and Scully not being together on the new season. "Don't you think they're stronger than that?" Asks an earnest fan. The debate rages from the panel and the audience. Nanjiani defends the choice, pointing out their separation gives them a place to go, a source for new season drama. "Exactly!" cry out two girls in the crowd in unison, winning laughs.

Duchovny admits it took a minute on set for him to get back into "Mulder flow." Pileggi said "putting the suit on and the glasses, and then looking at this guy's (Duchovny's) face," it was easy to step back into Skinner.

How do the comics and TV show connect? "That's operating separately from us," Carter explained, "I have to say Joe Harris is doing great with those comics. We know what each other are doing, but we're not doing the same thing."

Told that there's only one question left, Nanjiani asks if we can just run over. And then much shouting occurs when the last question-asker rants endlessly about "Supernatural" and some real deep-cut shit that loses the crowd. People are booing, and Duchovny responds, "I have no idea what you're saying. Let's get another question."

Are you going to be concentrating on mythology this season? "We start with a mythology episode, and then we do four stand alones," Carter says. Episodes one and six will be mythology, and then in between standalone eps.

What about the Lone Gunman? "The Lone Gunman are back," Carter says to cheers.

Will there be more to come beyond the six-episode miniseries? "If there's an appetite for more," Duchovny says, "As Chris has me say in the show, 'You have my number.'"

Nanjiani ends the panel with one big thank you, and a group selfie. Look for it on Twitter.

"The X-Files" mini-series will on Fox Sunday, January 24, 2016. 

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