NYCC: DC Shines A Light On the Future of Rebirth


DC has brought some of it's top creative talent together at New York Comic Con to finish out the convention on a high note. The DC Universe panel is primed and ready to dive deeper into their work on DC's fan favorite Rebirth titles with Steve Orlando, Tim Seeley, Dan Sampere, Emanuela Lupacchino, Jorge Jimenez, Juan Ferrerya, and Mirka Andolfo.

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Juan Ferrerya, Green Arrow artist, started by giving a bit of background on Green Arrow #32, the final issue of the "Gotham Resistance" Metal tie in. Ferrerya explained that he works in mix media an then colors digitally -- he also gets help from his father with the finishes. "I finished Green Arrow #32 in two weeks," Ferrerya laughed, "When I started this issue I was young. I was 23."

Ferrerya confirmed he will be doing another full upcoming arc of Green Arrow, starting in issue #33.

"Every artist has a different interest and with Juan, I just knew he liked creepy stuff and gross stuff, so that's what we did when we worked together on Suicide Squad," Tim Seeley explained about the collaborative process.

Mirka Andolfo was next up, "I work mostly digital," Andolfo explained, when the moderator praised her speed in sketching at signings. "I try my best to be as fast as possible."

Andolfo's next major project will be Wonder Woman/Shade the Changing Girl, along with Bombshells: United.

Super Sons was next with artist Jorge Jimenez, "I love Super Sons the most because these guys are the future," Jimenez laughed. He then confirmed he has a "top secret" project in the docket that even stumped the moderator. Jimenez works completely digitally, and has never worked traditionally if he can help it.

Steve Orlando was up next to talk about his work on Supergirl. "The whole idea was to build off of the New 52, and use that as a place for her to grow from," Orlando explained, "The key to the next arc is to put a little more distrust in Supergirl and look closer at her compassion. This is going to put her to the test -- there are people who aren't sure where she stands in the world, but that doesn't mean that she isn't sure."

Kara will be meeting up with Kong Kenan, New Super-Man, in an upcoming story. It will be a one shot issue but the meeting will be an important one for both characters.

"I think the appeal of Supergirl, maybe more than Superman, is that her experience is maybe even more applicable. She experienced Krypton, she left it behind. That was like, two years ago for her...We've all been in those moments when we have to look at our lives and say "wow man, this was my life and now it's like this?" It's applicable," Orlando explained about his relationship to the character.

A new New Age of DC Heroes book with Steve Orlando and Ryan Sook was announced, called Unexpected "This is the expendables meets the Dark Tower...or maybe more Seven Samurai, meets The Dark Tower. It's people coming together to overcome MASSIVE mistakes in their life, maybe things that even seem unforgivable." The team is Neon the Unknown, a blind artist who is the second hero with that name, Firebrand, a first responder who was injured during Metal that now has a problem where if she doesn't get into a fight every 24 hours, Viking Judge, a character Orlando described as Brienne of Tarth inside the head of someone from Girls, and Ascendent, a brand new character that will introduce a new race of characters to the DCU.

Orlando then teased the return of Prometheus in upcoming JLA stories, along side Afterthought, and the Rebirth debut of Aztek. "And after this arc in JLA 22-24, we've got an arc with maybe my deepest cut ever in the history of my career. We have the return of a character that hasn't been seen since the build up to Crisis on Infinite Earths."

Emanuela Lupacchino was up next to speak about her work on Wonder Woman "It was always my dream to work with this character. I think this is her moment. I feel so blessed to work on this comic at this moment... But when I got the scripts for the first two issues...there was no Diana in them," Lupacchino laughed, "It was a trap! But then I kept working and realized where this story was going and it was awesome."

She went on to tease the heavy involvement of the New Gods and Darkseid in her upcoming work on Wonder Woman with James Robinson.

Tim Seeley was up next, "This is the first time I've been out of Gotham since I started working with DC," he explained about his transition from Nightwing to Green Lanterns. "I left Gotham and went straight to space." Seeley elaborated that he plans on being on Green Lanterns until he gets fired.

"My story starts out with Simon and Jess trying to get jobs on Earth. And we keep flashing back to these moments in space where Simon and Jess are trying to save a planet that's being destroyed with a population that believes they should die with their planet. So that's my first two issues, this sort of parallel story." Seeley explained about his work on Green Lanterns, "My second arc is basically my attempt to do a Coen Brothers movie in the DC Universe. It's about Bolphunga, who is kind of a dumb criminal, accidentally falling in with some good criminals. It's called "O Bolphunga Where Art Thou?"

The panel was then opened for fan questions. The first question went to Orlando about his use of The Ray and how his sexuality has been developing as a character, "The crucible of Ray's relationships is going to be coming up soon. He's going to have to realize that relationships don't always work like in the movies."

A fan then asked if Orlando has any plans for Midnighter and Apollo, "Keep an eye on The Wildstorm for that one." Orlando teased.

The next question went to Tim Seeley about the "Nightwing Must Die" arc of Nightwing and if it was an intentional Metal tie-in. "We got the idea for the arc from a sort of crazed diatribe from Scott Snyder at New York last year," Seeley laughed, "But we kind of toned it done since we were telling that story before Metal started. But yes, it was totally on purpose. It could have been more on purpose if the timing would have worked out better."

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