NYCC: LexCorp Provides Congoers with Free Wi-Fi

As slyly revealed in the FAQ page of the official New York Comic Con site, free Wi-Fi will be available to convention attendees courtesy of a surprising source -- LexCorp.

As part of a tie-in with next year's "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice," the fictional corporation run by Superman's arch enemy Lex Luthor will win over convention goers by allowing them free access to the internet via Wi-Fi. NYCC's full response to the Wi-Fi question on the FAQ page reads:

Yes. Free WiFi throughout the Javits Center will be provided by LexCorp Industries.

LexCorp unites humanity through technology. We believe in technology as a means of communication, unification and a source of inspiration. To access the WiFi on-site at the Javits Center, connect to the "LexCorp" network from the list of available networks.

You will automatically be redirected to the LexCorp WiFi login page where you can enter your email address and click "CONNECT" to gain access to the network. LexCorp - together, we can build a better world.

New York Comic Con is this weekend in NYC, from October 8 to 11. "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" opens on March 25, 2016.

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