NYCC | Is the Human Torch joining the Secret Avengers?

Marvel.com has posted an interview with Rick Remender about his upcoming run with Gabriel Hardman on Secret Avengers, and a piece of promotional artwork reveals a potentially different roster for the team -- one that includes the Human Torch and Venom.

Over the weekend, Marvel announced the new creative team and shared a promotional piece by drawn by Art Adams (the book's cover artist, according to the Marvel feature). It showed new team member Captain Britain, the team's new leader, Hawkeye, as well as Hank Pym and other current members of the team. Hank Pym doesn't appear on the promo art from Marvel's site, but Venom and the Human Torch do. Or a Human Torch, anyway; whether it's a resurrected Johnny Storm, the WWII-era Torch he took his name from or, heck, even Toro is anybody's guess at this point. But Marvel has teased the return of the Johnny Storm Human Torch already, so he seems like the likely suspect.

In the interview, Remender doesn't talk much about the roster beyond Captain Britain and Hawkeye, but he does reveal that along with introducing a new Masters of Evil, he's also revamping another classic Avengers villain as the team faces the Adaptoids -- "sentient, hyper-evolved descendants of the original Super Adaptoid."

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