NYCC | IDW Limited to release Marvel Artist Select series

Capping a string of joint announcements that included collections of the Amazing Spider-Man comic strip and more Marvel Artist's Editions, IDW Publishing and Marvel revealed they're partnering on a series of deluxe, limited-edition books.

Produced by IDW Limited, the Marvel Artist Select series will showcase stories hand-picked by the featured artist, packed in overized tray cases containing such extras as signed plates and original artwork. Each volume will focus on one Marvel character, beginning with Spider-Man, Daredevil, the Incredible Hulk and Iron Man, and many of the creators most closely associated with the superheroes.

"To be able to create limited-edition versions of the comic books we grew up on is a dream come true," IDW President Greg Goldstein said in a statement. "This line is going to be something special. We plan on going to great lengths to create the kind of books that will be the absolute treasure of any fan’s collection. We’re going to work with the biggest names, and make sure we deliver an absolutely top-notch line of books."

The series will be available in three theirs: the Red Label edition features signed, hand-numbered plates, while the Black and Blue Label editions include original art, portfolio pieces and the like. All of the books will be available directly from the IDW Limited website, while the Red Label editions will also be sold through direct-market retailers.

IDW Limited launched in 2012 with a high-end collection of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles whose Blue Label edition was limited to just 10 copies.

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