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NYCC: Hulk: Where Monsters Dwell Film Teams Up Hulk & Doctor Strange

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NYCC: Hulk: Where Monsters Dwell Film Teams Up Hulk & Doctor Strange

On Sunday morning, Marvel Animation brought the world premiere of “Hulk: Where Monsters Dwell” to New York Comic Con. Senior Vice President of Animation and Family Entertainment Cort Lane was on hand to introduce the film, but not before he brought out special guest Fred Tatasciore, who plays the Hulk himself.

“Comic Con! I love you! I love you, New York!” Tatasciore announced in his Hulk voice as he took the stage.

“One of my things, too, is I’ve been a big fan of Doctor Strange,” he shared. “Doctor Strange is a friend of [Hulk’s]. They’ve got to work some things out. There’s a terrible villain called Nightmare, and it’s inside Hulk’s mind.”

He went on to describe his favorite scene from the film. “We have to separate Banner from Hulk, and they go at it,” he explained, adding, “I like when Banner wears Hulkbuster armor.”

Lane added that the film also featured “a group of monsters called the Howling Commandos, featuring Man Thing.” The Howling Commandos — comprised of zombie Jasper Sitwell, Warwolf, Nina Price and Man Thing in the film — are loosely based on Frank Barbiere and Brent Schoonover’s team in “Howling Commandos of S.H.I.E.L.D.”

Tatasciore also went on to recount his favorite appearance as the Hulk. “I really love when Hulk gets matched up with someone that’s an unlikely duo,” he shared, specially naming his team up with Groot as “my favorite combo.”

“Widow! That was really one of my favorite episodes,” he added. “She doesn’t trust him, we can’t trust her… and he gives her the power to stop him.”

“And only to her!” Lane pitched in.

“Only to her,” Tatasciore affirmed.

Lane then cued the film, which played in its entirety. “Hulk: Where Monsters Dwell” finds Doctor Strange calling on Hulk for assistance in fighting an otherwordly threat, only to realize that Hulk is already involved. Their adventure takes them to the Dream Dimension, where they encounter Nightmare and learn of his nefarious plans for the waking world — a plan that involves both Bruce Banner and the Other Guy. While Doctor Strange and the Hulk try to put a stop to Nightmare’s threat in the Dream Dimension, the Howling Commandos keep watch over their physical bodies; however, that task ends up being a little more than they bargained for when Nightmare’s actions in the Dream Dimension begin to bleed into the waking world. The entirety of the film takes place on Halloween night.

According to the film’s official description,

This Halloween, treat yourself to the spooky, action-acked animated feature-length film, “Marvel’s Hulk: Where Monsters Dwell.” Nightmare is bent on conquering our waking world by crossing through the Dream Dimension, and converting each dreamer into a monster. Can Doctor Strange, Hulk and the Howling Commandoes hold the line and put an end to his nefarious scheme?

Starring Fred Tatasciore as Hulk and Liam O’Brien as Dr. Strange, “Hulk: Where Monsters Dwell” premieres October 21 on Digital HD.

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