NYCC: Having a Blast on "Planet Skaar"

Industry veteran Ron Lim has illustrated some of the biggest and baddest cosmic clashes in the history of Marvel U. over the past two decades. As the artist on "Silver Surfer" for most of the late eighties and early nineties, Lim penciled intergalactic battles featuring the titular herald and the Devourer of Worlds himself, Galactus. And his work on the "Infinity" Trilogy in the nineties was a showdown showcase for Warlock, Doctor Strange, Thanos and Chronos, and occasionally Hulk.

Now Lim turns his attention to the ultimate family dispute - the Hulk versus his own son - in the upcoming story arc, "Planet Skaar."

Announced at New York Comic Con on Sunday, the blockbuster starts with the Greg Pak-penned "Planet Skaar Prologue" one-shot in May and the story continues in the pages of "Skaar: Son of Hulk," beginning with Lim's first issue as the title's new regular artist, #11.

Lim told CBR News he's having a "total blast" blasting working on the series and all of the green-fisted smashing couldn't be better.

"All the characters in the book are great fun to draw, and I really like the setting of Sakaar," said Lim, referring to Skaar's home planet.

The story begins on Sakaar but Pak revealed yesterday the action moves to Earth quickly.

Lim said one obvious reason he loves working with Skaar is that he's the son of Hulk, so what's not to love. But he also likes Skaar's sinister side, as well.

"I really like his character. Skaar has a dark, almost sinister side to him. And he is one tough dude. I guess he would have to be, growing up the way he did."

When Hulk left Sakaar at the end of "Planet Hulk," he had no idea he was leaving behind a child, as Skaar's mother Caiera, died prior to his birth.

Lim said he's "digging" all the battles in "Planet Skaar," but the ones that he's really excited about, he can't talk about yet.

"No spoilers here!"

Asked if he could compare the epic fights he's illustrating for "Planet Skaar" with any past assignments, Lim said, "Hmm, not exactly. Although, strangely, I think the closest would be the 'Conan' stories I worked on, a long ways back.

"They are similar, mainly due to the setting, I think. And, you know, the barbarians, dragons, monsters, and the big, hulking guy with long hair that carries a sword."

Lim closed by saying Pak is a "fantastic" collaborator and that his scripts are "a joy to work on."

"He gives me all the details and character stuff I need, and then cuts me loose on the action sequences," explained Lim. "I love me some action scenes, and, boy, Greg gives me one awesome sequence after another. Wait until you see the cliffhangers on each of these issues.

"I don't think I've drawn this much action in a storyline in quite some time. And I'm a big fan of Greg's work, so being able to work with him in this wild world he created is a complete blast."

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