NYCC hangover | A round-up of additional news from the show

News and reports from the New York Comic Con rolled out even after the lights were turned off on Sunday; here are a few of them, as well as some tidbits we missed the first time around:

• Marvel announced an ongoing Age of Apocalypse series by David Lapham and Roberto De La Torre, spinning out of the current "Dark Angel Saga" storyline in Uncanny X-Force. [CBR]

• Designer Chip Kidd is writing a Batman book called Batman: Death by Design with art by Dave Taylor. It's due out next summer. [ComicsAlliance]

• USA Today spotlighted Captain Brooklyn, due next May from Jimmy Palmiotti, Frank Tieri and Amanda Conner. The three-issue miniseries will be published by Image Comics. [USA Today]

• Following the convention, Marvel has released pages from the Prep & Landing story that will appear in a few of their upcoming November comics. [CBR]

• Marvel also released the fiery Phoenix teaser image that made the rounds at the show. [CBR]

• Matt Fraction and Nathan Fox are working on a comic about Osama bin Laden's capture and death for the December issue of GQ magazine. [Multiversity Comics]

• Joe Keatinge and Andre Szymanowicz are teaming up on a new ongoing Image series called Hell Yeah. [CBR]

Green Wake writer Kurtis Wiebe reveale dthe Image Comics series will run for 25 issues -- "five arcs of five issues each." [Multiversity Comics]

• Writing for MTV Geek, our own Brigid Alverson rounds up news from Viz Media at the show, including word that they've picked up the former Tokyopop title Loveless. [MTV Geek]

• Ross Campbell reports that Oni Press will release the upcoming sixth volume of Wet Moon in October 2012. "I was pretty devastated to hear that but I guess I've accepted it, what can you do," he said on his blog. "The main reason is Oni's post-production and scheduling processes have changed and been streamlined over the past year or so, in addition to their schedule being overbooked." Campbell said he hopes to runa chunk fo the book on the web before it is released. [Ross Campbell]

• Gary Tyrell caught up with several webcomics creators about their various projects at the show. [Fleen]

• Michael Kupperman promoted the release of Mark Twain's Autobiography 1910-2010 by cosplaying as Twain at the show. [Flog!]

Gamers Digital (warning: annoying music at the link) is developing a "first-person mystery" game starring Dark Horse's Ghost character. It'll be downloadable for the PC, Macintosh and various Apple devices. [Kotaku]

• Galactus will be a playable character in a special mode in the upcoming video game Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. [CBR]

• ComicsAlliance rounds up pictures of a lot of great action figures that were displayed at the show, from Marvel, DC, Earthworm Jim and more. [ComicsAlliance]

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