NYCC: "Guardians of the Galaxy" Screenwriter on "Gamora" Ongoing, Wilson Joins "X-Men"

Nicole Perlman helped introduce Gamora to worldwide audiences as co-screenwriter of the massive Marvel Studios hit "Guardians of the Galaxy," and in 2015 she'll turn her focus to the comic book version with an ongoing "Gamora" series, announced Sunday afternoon during the "Women of Marvel" panel at New York Comic Con.

The series, scheduled for "spring 2015," will be Perlman's comic book-writing debut. No artist has yet been announced. "Gamora" makes three current solo series starring a member of the "Guardians of the Galaxy" film cast, along with Sam Humphries and Paco Medina's "The Legendary Star-Lord" and Skottie Young's "Rocket Raccoon."

Perlman wrote the initial script for "Guardians of the Galaxy," and spend years adapting the characters and concepts into a screenplay. Director James Gunn subsequently joined the project and rewrote the script, with both credited as screenwriters despite the two not working collaboratively. In the wake of the film's box office success (it's currently the highest-grossing domestic release of 2014), there has been some speculation as to how much each writer is responsible for the film's screenplay, including a Slate article titled, "Who Deserves Credit for Guardians of the Galaxy's Great Script?"

"I was very drawn to the tone and the fun vibe of the 2008 reboot of the comics," Perlman told CBR this past July. "Why do something creative if you're not going to take risks at some point? I think if you put yourself out there to the world, it's going to be a risk."

Additionally, "Ms. Marvel" writer G. Willow Wilson was announced during the "Women of Marvel" panel to be writing a four-issue arc on "X-Men," the ongoing X-title that focuses on an all-female cast of Marvel mutants. Wilson follows Marc Guggenheim and original series writer Brian Wood on the book, and is the first female writer on this volume of "X-Men."

The story is titled "The Burning World" and is scheduled to start in "X-Men" #23, scheduled for release in January. The action kicks off with the appearance of a mysterious sinkhole during a "Burning Man-esque" festival in the Black Rock Desert.

Also announced at the "Women of Marvel" panel: In March 2015, the publisher will release 20 "Women of Marvel" variant covers, drawn by female artists including Sara Pichelli, Stephanie Hans, Jill Thompson, Vanesa R. Del Rey, Stacey Lee and Faith Erin Hicks.

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